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  1. I found the scifi dune miniseries at the library. Not bad. It's a hard book to make into a movie
  2. Horse tranc, who knew it was a thing? As far as the other thing goes, at least the rednecks no longer have worms. Maybe I should start a rumor about snorting drano. I remember a guy in USMC boot camp covering his head with a towel and snorting the propellant from underarm deorderant. Anything for a buzz!
  3. Took an hour long walk at Shelby Farms park. Yesterday it was the Wolf river trail in Germantown. Tennessee has a lot more nature areas to wander around in Than North Texas.
  4. The little green book of chairman Rahma. Very different book from Brian Herbert.
  5. Frank Herbert's The White Plague. He did other stuff besides Dune. I have no idea why Hellstrom's Hive wasn't a movie Perfect scifi horror..
  6. Given the large number of DAC and headphone companies out there, a lot more are going to go under. All covid did was speed up the process.
  7. ktm

    Rick and Morty

    Season 5 starts Sunday!
  8. Thanks. Now it's time to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.
  9. ktm

    RIP Sennheiser?

    With hundreds of companies selling headphones, sooner or later there will be a bloodbath. Lets hope the Senn stuff hangs around for a while.
  10. Number 6 is pretty important. Ask my data center guys.
  11. He wasn't by any chance near a data center generator?
  12. so, test successful? User dead? inquiring minds need to know!!!
  13. ktm

    Amplifier porn

    I remember seeing those Nak racks in the showroom while stationed in Okinowa. IT cost about as much as a new Mustang.
  14. found his web page http://fls-audio.blogspot.com/2021/03/kgst.html
  15. This looks like another fine product of Ho Chi Minh City. There certainly seems to be a lot of big caps. God knows the creative ways they are trying to kill us with now.
  16. Well then, best of luck. Plainly you're going down this path one way or another.
  17. I doubt anyone selling a stax amp is going to let you Probe about with a meter in their showroom. Not many private sellers either. I'm pretty sure you can pull the d10 from the list. Not enough power. The d50 and 353x are new enough I haven't heard them. A used srm717 would drive about anything well. And if you didn't like it, it would be easy to resell. If you want it new,srm727.
  18. The best way to answer that is with a picture Jack the black cat takes a nap please don't kill yourself trying to level match stax
  19. ktm

    RIP Sennheiser?

    Given that Stax came and went a couple of times before becoming a Chinese owned company, this might turn out ok. Only time will tell. Hopefully it won't turn into Fiat owned Chrysler.
  20. ktm

    RIP Sennheiser?

    I think anyone who has been around audio for a while has owned a hd series headphone. 580,600,650, and 800 were all big milestones. We can hope they don't screw this up. A look through the other site's for sale stuff is a massive cluster of WTF headphone names nobody has ever heard of. I'm sure this hit their bottom line pretty hard.
  21. ktm

    RIP Sennheiser?

    So they focus on pro audio, and most likely roll all the liabilities into the consumer market side before the sale. And the new outfit can't meet debt obligations and goes belly up. Seems to be a standard business trick of the modern world. That's what the fortune 500 company I used to work for did. Not a good sign for consumer products.
  22. ktm

    Kitty Talk

    Sleep. Eat (only if it meets your standards). Sleep some more. Someone rubs your happy places. Knock around a toy for show. Repeat.
  23. If it is working fine, why mess with it?
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