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  1. Big planks are getting so scarce now. I still cringe when I think of my grandfather taking a skilsaw to those 12'x13"x5/4" mahogany planks. *sniff*
  2. Nice. I agree about the 7MDH, it's massive. My whole laptop bag would fit inside it.
  3. I'm always available to haul away old lumber, or stashes of tubes! Say the word. Even old quarter-sawn doug fir is stunning when well finished out. Amazing, and extremely expensive for softwood. This stuff I have would machine really well. I wish it were 5/4 or 6/4 though.
  4. I know there are more than a few of you on here. My grandfather was a woodworker by hobby, and also worked in boatyards (old lakeside marinas selling/servicing Shepherd, Chris-Craft, Century type boats) from the late 40s, though early 60s. I acquired a small stash of lumber from him in the mid 70s, consisting mostly of 5/4 rough oak and mahogany, with a few other odd bits. Sadly, he had cut several longer planks down to about 4' to fit the trunk of his car. Some of the boards were odd material, and all were fairly dusty and dirty. Most are reasonably flat, but a few are somewhat warpe
  5. Not that I saw the original image, but that's an outstanding B+W conversion. Looks great! Haj- is that the 5MDH in your pic... you like?
  6. You know you're old when... It's still almost half full, too. Or half gone; I'm undecided.
  7. After more careful measurements I found my input stage's voltage a bit high relative to the output stage, so made some adjustments there. Also had to make an adjustment to my filaments; they weren't floating high enough. It sounds good, and isn't running quite as hot, though still pretty hot. The 12B4As are at 23ma. I want to try some tweaks with the rectifier next, then have another pair of OPTs to compare. Another shot in the dark-
  8. My RCA book says 7.5A, up to 8A if the V is 5.25. Upshot is only dropping 10v I suppose. 15 amps for a full wave setup? It would make a neat nightlight, but the transformer would be quite a heater. These things are huge... [ATTACH=CONFIG]2929[/ATTACH]
  9. Holy crap, Kevin! That's a huge chunk. You could make high-end wetbar sinks on the sideline.
  10. Interesting sources is an understatement! Sounds good to me.
  11. It will be interesting once I see exactly where it's at. The tubes are capable of 5.5 watts at 550 volts. I'm not going that far, but it's running at about 50% higher voltage right now, and the bias is up there, too. I remember now why the voltage ended up higher than expected with the 80 rectifer- I had a dropper between the transformer and the 5V4-GA. I dropped the dropper when I decided to go ahead with the 80. It seems to demonstrate better transient response with either a dropper- or the higher loss of the 80. The 80 wins by virtue of having an st bottle. I have a gorgeous pair of Tung-S
  12. Finished wiring last night right at 11pm. No smoke came out, voltages looked good enough initially, so I hooked it up to a source, and got sound! I was surprised, since I was pretty tired. Wondering if I had swapped the filaments and B+ or something. Darker shot with power on: Yes, I did end up going with an old 4-pin 80 rectifier, which I originally wanted to do. I thought the voltage would be too low with it, but after making some further adjustments, I was actually running too high with the 5V4-GA. I'm going to make some careful measurements tonight or tomorrow to see how close
  13. Like my analog layout program?
  14. Got some work done on a (temporary) chassis, made from an old scsi optical drive housing. Painted with some bronze hammerite, which is sort of like a warm shade of very dark gray, almost black. Tube box is for color reference. The smaller oil caps are a pretty baggy fit, but it's the closest size punch I had, and this is just for trying out some different configurations easily.
  15. Occasionally. You can see the edge of the barstool to the right. I was using it as a temporary table near the tablesaw, which is where I was doing a bunch of layout and markup of a chassis. I would have done this on the workbench if it wasn't so cluttered already. Or neat, if you ask Kevin. The blue chunks of iron on the right hand end are a jointer I'm still in process of doing over. Still looking for bearings... Walker-Turner used some odd lot for that model. I do have about 5 projects going, but only three are on the bench. I should have some legitimate progress to show by the end
  16. Thanks! The Delta was my grandfathers. The Sprunger on the floor I just picked up and refurbed a few months ago.
  17. Guilty. The cap is fastened down, and I didn't want the choke to slide into something uninsulated. OSHA loves this project so far! I couldn't find a wood screw to fit a star washer, so I floated it. Oh come on... Nate must have told you how bad it USED to be. Let me back up a little bit...
  18. Meh, it's not going to be uber-sexy or menacing, but it should sound good at least. If the amp goes as as well as the PSU did, it ought to be pretty sweet. Absolutely. Both those meters, and my 45, were made in USA.
  19. Lust is supposed to be bad, but I wouldn't worry about it. It probably drives the community.
  20. I finally stopped dicking around with psud and actually dead bugged this psu I've been mulling over. It's alive, and no parts were killed. Glad we don't have a cat anymore. Loaded it down, and it was pretty close to what psud predicted. Not knowing what the regulation of the transformer was, I adjusted the setting in psud until it matched the output, and it scales properly. Added a small resistor up front to bring the output down a bit, and I think I'm done. No electrolytics, with a shared C-L-C, then it splits into two channels, each having an L-C-R-C string. The output power tap is at
  21. No charger or batteries to deal with would make it so simple. You could also use a remote reader for the SD card slot or flash drive.
  22. That would be interesting to integrate into a car as a standalone.
  23. I was afraid to ask if that was it. ~Mark, who formerly owned a cat.
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