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  1. Thompson Center? Total Chaos? -or- tube checker? I think it's tube checker. Should sound very nice regardless of what TC stands for or against.
  2. Double-wall cartons, 40 yards bubble-wrap: $30 72 pounds via Fed Ex overnight: $170 Wearing a shit-eating grin: priceless
  3. The inside of the Melos sure is funky looking (stock). Doug, you're one of those people who is just plain cool. Nice work, and much more fun than just selling it off.
  4. Holy smoke, that looks beautiful now! +1 It's been difficult for me to resist this dac so far.
  5. Something like that, with the selector a littl closer to the right. But as you noted, not being familiar with the internal layout, it may not be feasible. What if it was flopped L/R? Seriously consider an animated front panel, too.
  6. Make it tap-dancing on a cracker and I'm sold.
  7. Any interest in making the name much smaller and moving it either to the upper left, or the lower left if the power/lock nomenclature is removed? If the selector and button can be moved anywhere, I would put the button off to the right, where the selector is now, then move the selector a bit more to the left. Then have the name in small size to the lower left. It looks pretty decent as it is, of course, but as long as it's just pushing stuff around on the screen, may as well give it a shot.
  8. It's better than Wedding Text... /horror
  9. Are those from that batch of cryo'd all-thread you scooped on fleabay? The stain does look real nice.
  10. This is cool, congratulations, Doug! Suppose I should include something electrical- "Still have not done anything with my D3As."
  11. Of course you are, you used 99% of the remaining tube amp parts on the menace. Those are some nice cups, Nate. You should consider making a line of rosewood lingerie.
  12. Yep, it's an old picture, but I recall thinking "WTF happened there..." That slot has 470K in it. I've relabelled them a couple times since, some values were too close to bother with and I stopped using them. I have to confess that the resistors and caps are the only thing that well organized.
  13. Oh, I just noticed there is a rail of buffers and also a box of cerafines in that picture as well.
  14. That's just not true! It was a 25-rail of Intersil buffers. So I use little plastic divided boxes for resistors, box caps, diodes, etc. Larger caps are in those disposable plastic glad boxes, as are plugs, jacks, and bags of transistors. My trouble started at one point where I was storing parts by project. A project would get sidelined, and the parts would, too. Figured out that was a mistake pretty early on, but now and then I find a small box or bag with $80 worth of doodads in it. It's all been separated and sorted out now. I think. These are what the resistor boxes look like.
  15. Haj- I'm good, no big news to report. We need to hook up another mini meet in So NH or Maine soon! As long as Asston Kutcher isn't standing there with his camera...
  16. Does Kyocera know about this yet, speaking of lawyers? Second question- has Demi Moore applied to work as an apprentice? I can just picture her sitting at the wheel throwing a dildo, while Patrick Swayze gives her a reach-around.
  17. I stumbled across the holy grail last week while looking for a certain transformer that I know I have somewhere. Still haven't located the transformer though.
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