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  1. I can chime in here, not been around for a bit -so hey all. But I am a timepiece guy, too. Dusty, consider the Bambino from Orient. It is a dress piece with a bit more size to it, giving a more modern wearable look to it. The kit will come with an in-house movement and should present nicely for work and dress occasions. I would not go with a Nixon or Fossil, personally.
  2. Adding on to what others have said, cassette adapters work great if you can get them to work with your car. Sometimes hitting the flip side button works to get the clicking to stop. As far as FM transmitters, I have tried over 20 of them and finally landed on one that I have used since 2008 with great success. It is the iRiver AFT 100. Works great. You can find them on eBay for BIN for $15-$25 now and again. Not sure if you can source locally but these units do work more consistently and with better sound quality.
  3. I am planning to listen from the Slim/iPhone 4S and with my JH16 & 13. I remember speaking with Tyrion on the phone awhile back and he was enjoying the 13s/Slim combo, but I can't recall his source. I think it was the iPhone but am not sure. Anyone currently running a Pico Slim & iPhone 4/4S with JH customs?
  4. Saw Andre Rieu at Jobing.com Arena with his 55-piece Johann Strauss Orchestra in Glendale, AZ. Traffic was a bear as the MNF game was next door VS the 'Niners but it was well worth it. Amazing atmosphere and music. What a show. If you have the chance to see Andre Rieu, go for it. I have been wanting to see him for a long time. Sorry for the poor quality pictures.
  5. The Black Angels With Black Mountain - Clubhouse, AZ I was surprised to see The Black Angels open for Black Mountain VS the other way around. We bought the tickets presuming that the 'Angels' were headlining. Both bands played great, though I wish the set was longer for the 'Angels'. The Black Angels are a great, great live act. The sound was a bit off for the first song or two, however, they made the appropriate adjustments and it was dead-on for the rest of the show. They closed with 'Young Men Dead', awesome. I was disappointed that they cut-off the transcending end to 'Yellow
  6. Ahh, that kind of makes sense now. I wonder if it was indeed 3D. I kept mentioning to my wife how realistic and three-dimensional everything looked. There were some scenes that were nothing short of rediculous. I even said that it was practically worth it to just watch the movie with music playing. Have never seen such effort put into the video content of a live stage show, uber cool - that. All in all it was an epic show with great musical performances, production & creativity. Muse had an elaborate stage show as well as AC/DC, among others.
  7. Nope, saw no people wearing 3D glasses and no mention of it during, before or after the show. I looked around a good bit now and again and did see some interesting outfits, that was about it. The video screen seemed near HD clarity. A quick look on YouTube will show the quality of the video production and animation. It was awesome. There were songs containing mixed-media that were well done. The song "Stylo" featured a movie-like scene featuring Bruce Willis as the villain. Hoping they release a DVD of the tour. There was a lot going on visually with the show and I would not min
  8. Saw Gorillaz at Comerica Theatre. The stage setup included a seven piece string section, the eight person Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, the National Orchestra for Arabic Music, four back up vocalists, two drummers, some keyboards, and one half of The Clash in guitarist Mick Jones and bassist Paul Simonon. Additional artists included in the show were De La Soul, Bobby Womack, Bootie Brown, and Little Dragon. N.E.R.D. opened. Mesmerizing show that proved to be very entertaining. They played pretty much everything people would have wanted to hear in a 27 song setlist spanning almost 2.5 hours.
  9. Been uber busy for awhile lately moving, good to be back. Still busy moving/getting settled, however, wanted to share some info about the concerts recently attended. I saw Menomena with Suckers recently, both bands were great. They played at Clubhouse in Tempe, AZ. This is a small venue and we we were able to get very close and have good sound. My wife and I hung out with the band for a nice time afterwards. They each signed my 'Friend or Foe' LP. Last weekend we went to Cricket Pavilion in Phoenix for the Jack Johnson show with G-Love & Special Sauce. Had an awesome time. We
  10. Anyone in AZ today that wants to hear the JH-13 & JH-16, both demo models will be featured at a Scottsdale meet this afternoon.
  11. Check out some stuff from Hossam Ramzy, he is well known for Egyptian and belly dancing music. Please check out a few songs from this link, you can sample some of his work. There are a lot of wonderful movie scores that are overlooked, and encompass many genres of music as well. I am sure you have heard of these, but Gladiator, Transformers - The Score, and 300 are just great. Azam Ali (the Iranian female vocalist from the movie soundtrack '300') has some very beautiful albums. I think 'Portals of Grace' is excellent. Also, Lisa Gerrard (the Australian female vocalist from Gladiat
  12. My wife and I took in Cowboy Junkies at the Compound in Phoenix, AZ. I reserved a table months ago and it payed off. We were in the very front with the best seats in the house, just 4-5' from the band. The Compound Grille is an intimate setting and it was a perfect venue for their music. The sound quality was superb and the band was in great form. I was able to meet and chat with the band after the performance and have my MFSL LP 'Whites Off Earth Now' signed by each of the members. Also enjoyed talking music and scotch with Allen for a long while (bass player), it was his birthday
  13. I wondered about that auction. Let us know the condition of the gear when you receive it. Man, I missed your KGSS too. I have been trying to find a HeadAmp KGSS for a long time now. I owned one a few years ago and sold it as well.
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