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  1. The State of DACSES

    what does sign/magnitude mean, i googled without much success.
  2. Very interesting indeed. I had just thought Bob Katz heard things differently and I didn't agree with him. I must have a warmer Utopia...
  3. Just switched from HD800s to Utopia on the mini susy dynalo and while the soundstage is different I would definitely not call it small or a bother at all to me. I did notice the smaller stage when i first had the headphones but i don't anymore, not sure what changed.
  4. Sennheiser HD 800 Redux

    He's the guy who does the SD mod.
  5. Wait to you hear them on a better amp. I think that's the amp I first heard them on and I was pretty underwhelmed. Then on the L-2 it was a whole different ball game.
  6. srx revisited

    I have an ES-2 which does work and has been modified but not in the manner presented here. The thing is it just sits unused. I even offered it to someone for free pickup and he never came.
  7. srx revisited

    Thanks for the thoughts sorrodje. Makes me want to redo the behemouth Single Power ES-2 I have in the srx manner, so it actually works.
  8. WiMP comes to the UK/US as Tidal

    Interesting post (#3724) at HF from Baldr of Schiit Audio: http://www.head-fi.org/t/766347/schiit-yggdrasil-impressions-thread/3720#post_13152144 Summary: He is still not an MQA supporter
  9. Yes, I feel the same way at times. The Holo can be a little easier to listen to sometimes, but that little bit of softness may be annoying over time. For instance, on one CSN song (49 bye byes) which is not a great recording, the extra clarity of the Yggy reallly helped.
  10. Yes, it was via i2s from my Sonore Signature Rendu, very nice streamer with no USB involved. The Holo may be a bit sweeter but that costs some detail and soundstage. I will say they are very close if volume matched, which is difficult since the output (vrms?) from the XLRs of the Holo and Yggy is different. I didn't try DSD and only listened in NOS mode. The Yggy was hooked up to the same source via spdif and i had a nice switch to go between the Holo and Yggy, only trouble was volume matching. I would most likely choose the Yggy between the two, especially since it's American made. The Holo is worth a listen. Would love to hear what you think numbers.
  11. Had the Holo Spring on loan for the last week. It is quite good but I think the Yggdrasil is slightly better.
  12. The Headcase Stax thread

    I was thinking the same thing, but then I listened to them on the t2 the other day, and, well, I don't need the money.
  13. Should I Get an HD600?

    Got a 6xx pair after 30 minutes trying. The L3000 sucks, sold mine a long time ago.
  14. Should I Get an HD600?

    I heard the Massdrop Senn 6xx this past weekend and it doesn't sound like I remember 650s sounding, which was dark. I'm gonna snag a pair.