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  1. Hmmm, my guess is that now that it's officially V3, he is going to bump the price. When I ordered mine it was presumably for V2, so I got the price all the previous V2 people paid. V3 was unexpected.... At $299 still think it's a really good deal, esp. if you have a decent Grado sitting around that you never use.
  2. Website is out of date. When I ordered he said the full mod was not going to be offered anymore due to manufacturing difficulties.... also I believe the lite mod is still 249? Maybe it went up... it was 249 for me.
  3. No idea. Best way is to email Rhydon, he's pretty responsive ime. Mine was a whole new cycle, and what ended being a new version (thought I was getting V2 2nd batch), and it ended up taking a few months. I'd be prepared to wait, but it could be shorter.
  4. I like the A5s a lot, but they are a bit bright for my liking, and don't go low enough as well. I really am interested in the A7x, or A8x (uber loudness plz). I did not have the V1/V2 Magnums, this is the first time I've heard the Magnum.
  5. Source is USB Pico DAC to Sheer Audio HA-006++ (dynalo, gain set at 1) playing FLAC through foobar other stuff I have: -Smeggy Thunderpants -JH-13 -Rockbox'd Clip+ -AKG K702 (ew) -Sennheiser PX-100-II -Adam A5 monitors -Sheer Audio HA-006+ -Etymotics ER-4P Stuff I have had: -Grado HF-2 -Earsonics SM-3 -Beyer DT440 -Beyer DT880 32 ohm (briefly) -Koss KSC-35 -Koss KSC-75 The clarity and soundstage on these Magnums is beautiful. I am loving them. They are definitely bassier than neutral though. I like it, though I think on some songs I could do with a bit less bass. M
  6. Very long, haha. There were definitely many delays. Though I have to say the communication was always good and he upgraded me to overnight shipping for free. I'm really happy with these. They are spectacular so far. I like them better than my JH-13's.
  7. anyone use the jh-13 portably with the pico slim? line-out or just straight out of the HP port? how big of a difference does it make? considering getting a pico slim myself to pair with sansa clip+ and jh-13
  8. so do you have to adjust it every time you put it on like a generic?
  9. More info plz? Noy is a custom mold fitting god? Please yes. I want to send my back soon.
  10. Correction to this, $249 for Lite + all the other cost. I just ordered mine with the 325is. Pretty excited.
  11. Magnum ordering has re-opened. He is only doing the Lite version this time, for $300 and of course cost of the Grados you want to mod. I put in my order with a 325is Also said 3-4 weeks to ship out Magnum after he gets the Grados.
  12. Oh man. I google'd to see how much it costs, only to find out it's a joke image. That would be awesome!!
  13. Check out our new website! Use coupon code "Site15" to save 15% today! Sound Earphones is your #1 source for all earphones and headphones from the top manufacturers such as Westone, Ultimate Ears, Shure, Sleek-Audio, Klipsch, Phonak Audeo, Skullcandy, H2O Audio, and Future Sonics along with headphones from AKG, Sennheis And they are now selling the Earsonics SM3, the only US retailer I know of doing that.
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