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  1. My old Airport Extreme bit the dust last night (power supply). So I went to the Apple store to pick up the new version and be tempted by the Mini Retina. Unbelievably, I did not buy a Mini, but I did get the router. It's fast, the numbers below are WiFi:


    But it really is a PITA to get this thing to play perfectly nice with the Verizon FiOS router.

  2. Now that data mining has become so sophisticated, I would think there'd be a way to measure influence of a given poster on a forum.  I know Klout purports to do this across social media, but it seems pretty rudimentary at best.  I'd like to see something more sophisticated applied at the forum level.  But whatever, I have beaten this horse to death and well beyond.  Sorry for the tangential rant. 

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