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  1. Baked a few pizza and rolls with the leftover dough on the back of the 17" cast iron skillet. Worked really well, make some very good crust. I just have to work on the dough recipe since since mine over-inflated to an astounding degree. More bread than pizza ultimately.

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  2. I bought a Lamy Dialog 3. I always wanted a retractable nib and this one takes the cake in my option. It's a bit thicker than a Vanishing Point but I like the 14k gold nib a ton more and the rotate to extend the nib action is superb. Pics when I remember to stop leaving it at work.

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  3. After a two month back-order, I received my Pelikan M805 Stresemann. I like it, a lot. Work still necessitates use of a ballpoint often so I laser-engraved my Zebra F701.


    John, putting a new nib on a Pilot Metro should be as easy as pulling out the nib and feed with a bit of strength and swapping in another from a cheaper pen. I've done this by putting the nib from a $9 Plumix onto a Prera. All the same fit.

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