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  1. After a two month back-order, I received my Pelikan M805 Stresemann. I like it, a lot. Work still necessitates use of a ballpoint often so I laser-engraved my Zebra F701.


    John, putting a new nib on a Pilot Metro should be as easy as pulling out the nib and feed with a bit of strength and swapping in another from a cheaper pen. I've done this by putting the nib from a $9 Plumix onto a Prera. All the same fit.

  2. I grew up on one of the country's best NPR stations, WGBH, and my parent's love for Steely Dan and the like. The transition to HiFi and DIY came when I went to college for EE and had to share a dorm with two other guys. Cool though they were, headphones were the preferable choice. When I started digging and realized I needed an amp, I looked around and thought: "Hey, I can build that!" Went to a meet the next year, got praise on my build, hosted the next two meets after that, and now here I am.


    Edit: why is my post always the first on the second page?

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  3. Dr. Gonzo's Uncommon Condiments: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/therkoproject/gimme-my-gonzos


    If you like all sorts of spicy stuff, I cannot recommend Dr. Gonzo's enough. His shop used to be down the street from my apartment in college. The mustards are superb, the hot sauces are delicious (I can and have done shots of one it was so good), and the mashes are like salsa made exclusively with peppers and are good just by the spoon-full. The garlicmash is like garlic cubed, good spread thinly on toast.


    He also used to host jam sessions in his shop on Thursday nights. I have the house band's first album, aptly titled "Roadkill Orchestra, Greatest Hits Vol. III"

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