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  1. Got my first Vinyl Me release yesterday. Very impressed with it over all. Packaging was secure. it came with the album, a mini poster, a sticker and the cocktail recipe. The album itself was a 2xLP in a delightful if-pepto-bismol-was-green color.




    The record itself was definitely on the light side but played just fine, no issues with my copy. Anyone else get theirs yet?

  2. As I see it, there are two ways this can end:


    1) Like most other Kickstarters, it hits delays, fails to reach goals, and basically shows that despite all the hype and backing, some people just cannot deliver on their promises. Something this publicized, I expect there to be some sort of backlash if that happens. Moreover, I think it would say to the world that this business model of pay some random stranger money for the promise of something later is not the best business model.


    2) It goes as planned and I get a hat and some potato salad. I personally think it will reflect on the guy who started this. He made a bold but rather stupid promise and still followed up on it. Stupid as they may be, I still like people like that.

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  3. I actually have the Go Groove and it works about as well as any FM transmitter will work. There will be static and I noticed the extreme highs are slightly distorted but never to the point where it un-enjoyable.


    My experience on going on long car rides with it is that it works very well for what I was doing but with only one drawback. As you drive, the radio stations change and I found myself having to change both the car radio station and the one on the transmitter every few hours. Annoying as it was, it still made the long car drives much, much more enjoyable so for a ~$50 investment, it might be the best bet to get sound through your car speakers without ripping apart your dash.


    I did eventually give up on it and hack an auxiliary port into my car but that was after finding a $60 purpose-built kit for my specific car.

  4. I got this month's Feedbands release and it had a significant warp in it. Enough that it trips the automatic arm return when playing. I had originally considered starting a dispute with the post office but for a $20 album, it is just not going to be worth my time.


    Looking into it more, I think a good record weight would fix it all and one has been on my hit list for a while now. Does anyone have one they'd recommend over the basic, cheap, aluminum one from ebay?

  5. My mother usually used just filé. I'll have to experiment with okra next time, this batch came out well. There was a place near me in Florida that made a truly fantastic fish gumbo for an event but they made the stock from fish bones and it took about 3 days in total.


    Found some good looking hanger steaks today at Dorothy Lane, they're in the sous vide now for later.

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