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  1. Update: It sucked. I sold it.
  2. I see a lot of professional football players using those Beets by Dr. Dre. I think football players listen to a lot of music. They must know what sounds good. They probably got a group deal though, but I'd go with those. As a matter of fact, I think there are a few professional football players on this forum. Maybe they can chime in with some listening impressions and they might even give you a coupon code.
  3. Damn, that guy got off 10 posts without getting hammered. My newbie bitch session lasted only one post before the hammer fell...
  4. They're all shot RAW with a bit of tweaking in Nikon's View NX (mostly white balance and exposure comp), then converted to JPEG. Yeah, the 35mm 1.8 feels like a big step up from the kit 18-55. I haven't used the 18-55 since I bought the 35.
  5. Hey everyone, I've been out of the photography scene since the early 90s. I recently picked up a Nikon D5000 and grabbed a 35mm 1.8 DX lens. I wanted to get some honest feedback/opinions (is there any other type of feedback here?) regarding my photos. These are what I consider to be the best shots from about 600 exposures over the last month. I've been lurking on this thread for a few weeks and, thanks to everyone, I've learned a lot. Thanks...
  6. It brightens up the hd600s...if you're into that sort of thing. Maybe it's the dac... I should just save my money and get something that's going to be a noticeable improvement over my Decco.
  7. It's okay...not even as good as my go-vibe. I expected more - even from this small desktop amp. The volume pot feels pretty cheap and has a light feel. I had the volume at about 2:00 to get as much gain as my Peachtree Decco provides at 8:00 (HD600s). One thing I do like is that it seems to be good for low-volume listening. This is just my initial opinion after about 15 minutes of use.
  8. Funny...I never knew what the "gd" stood for - "Global Delivery" Lost in translation...
  9. I'll rip it open and take some pics when it gets here.
  10. I hope so...I got the cheapie "b" version w/o usb. I figured that I'd throw an old transport downstairs in the living room and use it when my wife goes to bed early.
  11. I picked up one of these on HF for $100. I figured I'd use it in the living room or something. I wonder if I should have just bought $100 worth of beer instead. How bad can it be for $100?
  12. Shipping update: Schiit shipping
  13. He screeches like the white owl on the "Fly by Night" album cover... But I did see them live in 1977. That was enough.
  14. I was being semi-sarcastic or something...
  15. If I don't like it, I can return it in 15 days or sell it later. It's bound to be the FOTM at HF in the near future. I probably won't lose much, if any, $$$.
  16. HD600s and that schiity amp will be fine for me. I maintain low expectations. My hearing sort of sucks too. Plus, I'm a homebrewer, serious cyclist, and avid drinker. That's where most of my money's spent.
  17. I preordered my Schiit....Valhalla.
  18. Thanks for the advice. I still haven't decided.
  19. x-can v3...haven't heard back from the guy yet. $275 on audiogon with a couple 6n23p russian tubes from upscale audio. I just hate to wait for a Schiit...
  20. That's an interesting alternative. I never gave DIY much consideration. It sounds like it wouldn't be a difficult first-time project.
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