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  1. Happy Birthday, Ken! Have a great day frolicking in your birthday suit
  2. Nice deal indeed. I went off to have a chat with the guys at Front Panel Express since they're just down the road from me, having a couple of templates made. Was pretty good to chat again as Paul there hosted the last meet I went to and is into making headphone amps and stuff.
  3. That would be awesome, just a small snippet to put as a quote on my site would be ideal thanks
  4. Thanks guys. And yes, Steve. That Wenge was a total bitch to get smooth. Took me weeks of finishing/stripping/finishing rinse, repeat before I got them to look how I wanted. The stuff is a huge pain but it looks sooo nice when done so it was worth the effort. Can I use some of the pics you guys took to put on my gallery page as I forgot to take pics of some and some pics are better than mine Oh, and any testimonials I can post would be great as well. Thanks
  5. Does anyone know of any way or any utility to disable the damn Lion multi-user login? It's driving me totally fucking insane! Stupid ass 'feature' is basically fucking almost every VNC app out there. Even though I turned off quick user switching, it still seems to do it randomly and then logs on as another user and promptly dumps all my normal startup items... including the various app servers like stream to me, remoteVU, mouse servers, splashtop remote etc. and if it dumps me back at the login screen only one of about 20 tries will even let you enter a pasword. Mostly it just freezes. I wanna kick Jobs in his wrinkly little balls right now.
  6. woohoo! Have a great one Antonio!
  7. The Extermicake dress... wonder if it comes in my size
  8. I've been on wild goose chases with Frys. Two trips and still nothing. I went to pick up some stuff that their website said they had... they didn't. So I called up next day just to see if they had any stored in the back.. Oh yes, said the guy on the phone, we have a whole bunch of them, I'm looking at them now. Ok I said, put five away for me. Sure, just give the cashier your name and they'll be waiting. I head off again this morning. The sales assistant looked at me blankly after checking to find nothing put away. So we go to see where they keep the stocks... nothing. In the end we figured out that the guy I spoke to on the phone was retarded and was actually looking at a completely different thing even though I'd given him the stock number, description and price. To say I'm pissed at the dumb shits at Frys would be an understatement. They really are the Walmart of electronics and you have to fail high school to apply for the job there.
  9. Happy Birthday youngster, enjoy it
  10. thanks man, much appreciated!
  11. Technique is something you have to learn yourself, unfortunately there's nothing stopping people seeing what I've done and trying it themselves. If people do start copying it (which I expect some might) there's not much I can do about it except complain. However, it's not something anyone can do, you still need a certain level of skill and aptitude. I'm certainly not planning on handing the info out on a plate. I've shown them how to make their own thunderpants mod and I'm happy with that as long as they don't call them thunderpants or make them to sell. Generally they've been pretty good about it so far, after all, this did start out in the realm of DIY info sharing where it still belongs for those wanting to try their own. Of course, now my existence depends on it I'm trying to be a little less open about what I do and people are respecting it as far as I can tell. I know I can sometimes be a bit optimistic about peoples motives to my own detriment but that's just me. Anyway, I appreciate you guys trying to protect me from myself, I can be a bit of a dumbass at times
  12. That sounds like a great idea Kabeer, I should ask people for short quotes to put on my site, I'm not much good at blowing my own trumpet
  13. pink noise is so last year... it's Rainbow noise all the way for me!
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