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  1. mjg

    My HF1 Mods

    thanks man, what do u think of the pics?
  2. mjg

    My HF1 Mods

    hey guys... Well, i sent my HF1's in to transform them into HHF1's. They are goign to be the only solid ebony woodies for now I guess.. I basiclly dropped an arm and a leg to get one of the most exclusive pairs he's going to make. It's not that i care so much about it being exclusive, but when you want something I guess you forget your brains and go stupid. Anyways, i'm awaiting the pair back, should be back to daddy in a few weeks... I have a few pics from when we was showing me screen configurations... Mine is going to be silver screens no HF1 buttons... As soon as i figure out how to post an image u can see the pics i have. [attachment deleted by admin]
  3. mjg


    so where's my condascending yet silly custom title? "The pretzel dork" "mr pretzel douche bag "the guy who uses pretzels to get lucky with chicks" "spaz of pretzels" my feelings are getting hurt here... sheesh!
  4. you cant handle these pretzels churros boys... go back to your home, where you have no salt. The pretzels will control your pathetic lives and force you to build pretzel factories and make you speak a new language. Probablly spanish or chinese, the pretzels haven't decided yet... If you already speak those, the pretzels willc hose another language. watch out, pretzels are coming.
  5. mjg


    hey man, glad u made it over here ; )
  6. sorry bout the criticisms, gui is one of my areas ; ).
  7. mjg


    hahha i didn't think of yoyo's when i started the thread... i want a custom title that's related to the ultimate snack pretzels. oh yea, where's kirosia?
  8. i liked watching figure skating... i dunno, watching them drop those hot women on the ice kinda put a grin on my face.
  9. HAHAH i'll have to work real hard to get banned.. that's funny. i'll put in an obligatory curse word in each of my fucking posts.
  10. poll should have radio buttons, not checkboxes... I tried to be a dirty monkey and vote pretzels (cuz i am a dirty m onkey after all, but i'm founded on pretzel principles none the less).... Yet, SOMEONE thinks its cute to let u chose 2 things but only have one count...... hoh hum.
  11. mjg

    Hello everyone!

    Only pretzels and beers can make the perfect couple, unparalleled in synergy and seriously good shit to eat. I like it alot, i wanna write poems about it... I wanna name my kids beer and pretzel. I wanna proclaim beer and pretzels the ultimate meal!
  12. when the good people come home after work, they are tired and seek fufillment.... Only the fufillment pretzels can provide. Take them, crunch on their tiny little crunchable elements, feel them squish in your mouth.... groan with satisfying feeling only pretzels can do. Pretzels are like, a way of living to some , to others they are just a snack... If your not living with pretzels, your name is probablly steve (and no one likes you). Eat pretzels, cherish their wonderful flavor!
  13. Writing really fast is a sport. Speed writing... the best times get you a punch in the balls by the olympic comitee. What a momment of glory.
  14. pretzels for all!!!! haaah. we rules! let's here it for us!
  15. awww come on, i only been here 5 mintutes. I'm on my way out anyways, its all out fo my system now (maybe) ; ). honestly, is cussing sucha big deal here?
  16. mjg


    holy shit fucker i like this place already. let the games begin! HEY OHHHH! ; )
  17. to test my limits: George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words: Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker and Tits. HAHAHAH
  18. mjg


    MJG is in the house. life with pretzels shall continue AHHAHA peace fellas, don't let the man get u down.
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