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  1. entertainment and dinner. nice.
  2. so how long did it take you to make that quilt todd?
  3. Pittsburgh? so far.... someone give me a ride from Philadelphia.
  4. we should have a meet sometime then... philadelphia's reasonably closer to MD than santa rosa.
  5. you make those too now? lovely design... I assume that the bend radius isn't small enough so you can't use it with a stacked ipod / amp? (although it probably doesn't matter much if you're expanding your "portable" rig to include a bulky amp and other junk... might as well go for the largest footprint possible while you're at it.) I must say that is a great name.
  6. looks like a nice brick to clobber someone with. even has a handle too.
  7. the AH-D1000 seems pretty large to really be a portable can... but I suppose it's similar to walking around with a pair of DJ cans.
  8. Reks must have broken it for you. (works for me though, not that I ever use it.)
  9. seems reasonable. the JPN has slightly higher impedance and a slightly lower sensitivity level compared to the W5000.
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