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    I'm currently sucking the souls out of the elderly with my evil tribal casino
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    Washington State
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    painting, drawing, image transfering
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    wage donkey
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    MS2i recabled with cardas silver wire, Shure E5c
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    FEEL HP200SE Tube/MOSFET hybrid amp
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  1. wow, that action movie has all the codes of a bad 80's action movie packed into a single piece of cinema. Pretty amazing.
  2. you've come to the wrong place if you'll looking for sane people.
  3. great, I got my cat from a shelter and he's the sweetest little guy in the world. Please everyone click on the link and also support your local shelter if you can.
  4. I haven't updated this in a while since school started and I've been busy as all hell. The stands are well on their way but haven't gone through the first firing yet. I'm waiting until I have a full kiln load and will fire them all together. They're coming along nicely, I spent the last part of winter break study faces and they're coming out a little more resolved. I can't say when they'll be finished and ready to ship but probably in a month or two. If anybody decides to back out, I won't be offended. I would have made something anyway and these projects to me are just to improve my skills.
  5. You know after the stock freeze is melted, and undoubtedly plummets it might be a good time to invest since Koss still makes descent and popular gear. This is assuming that the scandal doesn't cause the company's collapse.
  6. If you have the flux capacitor then you can get diet hubbabubba.
  7. this thread just got full of all sorts of win. I think good ol' saint nick needs a group snatch nic.
  8. First of all i is algebraic and pi is geometric.
  9. Happy birthday Chris, you're an appreciated member of this forum.
  10. I just put " - " in front of my serial. Mine were made over over 13.7 billion years ago. The voice coils were forged by elves inside of the great singularity. The diaphragm is made from the foreskin of Chaos, the oldest and fiercest of gods that existed before there was anything. I'm selling them for 200 shipped OBO.
  11. You know I bought a pair of Koss Cheese-Phones and was terribly disappointed in their sound quality after a ton of glowing reviews. I think she may have been quietly cutting down on material quality in order to cover up her embezzling
  12. I almost want to ask thomas worman to be a facebook friend.
  13. Chekhonte


    Great deal. I'm so tempted to pick on up but i'm still waiting for larger flash storage. I hate that all the fun PMPs use flash and not HDDs.
  14. Ironically, the xbox 360 doesn't fail because of moving parts the vast majority of the time. Its from the mother board warping and weakening some of the solder points.
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