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  1. The album laid next to my CD-player for the past weeks. Today I'm finally giving it a spin and it sounds quite good through the K500. In short: I'm smitten...
  2. I prefer to lurk and I am not very old (1988!) but here it goes: 1. Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up (Always go for the long version!) 2. Lyn Collins - Think (About It) 3. Yvonne Fair - Say Yeah Yeah 4. James Brown & The JB's - It's A New Day (Being partial to JB this was a though choice.) 5. Joe Tex - You're Right Ray Charles 6. ...(Should be a Ray Charles track of choice...) Oh well
  3. The CD should arrive soon, right now the FLACs are playing...
  4. Eerie Indiana? It was shown on Dutch television in the good days of cartoons and series. In those days they had the guts to air "Gundam Wing", one of my favourite (anime) series.
  5. Yup, thanks for bringing Head-Case back...
  6. Thanks for reminding me, I have a weak spot for this band...
  7. Dry hump mod completely closed. A few minutes ago page 8 was accessible but after that it closed completely...
  8. Burial's album "Untrue", this is keeping me pleasantly awake. It has been a while since an album was as good as strong as coffee on an empty stomach.
  9. Ben L'Oncle Soul's album "Live Paris", a bit of a gamble but it sounds good...
  10. [media=] Fun featuring Janelle MonĂ¡e with "We Are Young", the acoustic version...
  11. Thankfully they are short and to the point here. (Curiosity led me here...)
  12. Thomas Paine's "The Age Of Reason". I was just curious and it turned out to be both interesting and tricky given the sharp reasoning. The history surrounding his work is quite fascinating...
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