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  1. I know enough about conflicts between Middle Eastern nations (tribes, really) that my take on Israel v Palestine would at best be amusing if not completely clueless. It would be like Westerners discussing Russian-Ukraine relations.

  2. dB/V and dB/mW are far from being the same spec. As in - they are the same spec only if the headphone has 1000 ohm load resistance.

    It's a simplification but generally sensitivity (dB/V) will tell you how much gain needs to be applied to get to a certain SPL. A high-sensitivity headphone requires very little action on the volume knob to go loud, however it says nothing about the power draw because load resistance is out of the equation. That's why you can sit comfortably at 10'o clock on the knob and cook your outputs due to crazy currents being drawn.

  3. I'm doing a side gig reviewing headphones. Companies send me stuff and I give my opinion on things.

    I recently got a certain Moondrop Para planar which I thought sounded pretty okay. Then I saw the spec sheet and my hair stood up a bit-

    101dB/V at 8 ohms. Or, when converted to actual efficiency figures... 80dB/mW.

    My question to the amp gurus here - will this load kill amps? It's a rare case of low efficiency combined with high sensitivity so people will be lulled into thinking that it's an easy load to drive. Like - hurr-durr, pot's only at 9'o clock and it's already hella loud! When in reality you're pushing serious mA and mW.

    And I'm not talking about proper beefy discrete output amps. Hard-to-drive cans these days are so rare that everyone's just getting by with opamp-buffer composites or just opamps.

    What say you? Will it KEAL?

  4. 41 minutes ago, kevin gilmore said:

    that board was designed for a specific chassis. which one, i no longer remember. i could make it fit a current chassis if that is what people want.

    Can't tell what people want. I didn't expect my CFA3 thread to blow up like that. As I said, I'm pretty pessimistic about DIY these days. Don't want to go all grumpy old guy that younglings can't be bothered to build stuff, so I'd actually "blame" there generally good selection of equipment that's available for buying these days.

    For the original th2 + thps combo this enclosure seems like the best option. 250x300mm inside space means that around 190mm of length is used for PCB's an the rest 110mm can be taken by connectors and the trafo.

    Of course, then there's the @JoaMat PCB which should fit on the 2U heatsink saving up even more space on the "floor" of the enclosure. If there's a matching board for the PSU (say, the thps) which would fit the other 2U heatsink, then something like this (or a longer enclosure) could be used, if SE is all one wants.

  5. On 11/3/2022 at 4:39 AM, JoaMat said:

    Some folks “over there” seem interested in Kevin’s Tube Hybrid.

    I'm NOT some folks!

    Stellar job, btw. My main beef with the OG board was that it's too narrow to fit in a dissipante case without some chunky brackets. I sold off my CFA3 because I never used BAL outputs, so I'm exploring ways of building something SE and smaller footprint wise.

  6. On 4/23/2022 at 9:35 PM, Knuckledragger said:

    I've lost count of how many Russian generals have died during this special military operation, which is going totally to plan.

    Saves the hassle of a post-war purge.

  7. Here the antivaxx front is pivoting to deepthroating Putin's boot. The social climate is pretty rough as around 40% of the population here is Russian speaking. I'm kinda glad that a few days ago the police arrested a well known antivaxx evangelist for pro-Putin fake news dissemination and he was Latvian. Don't want the local Russians thinking that we're witch hunting them.

    Honestly, I am sorry for most of the local Russian population here as they'll have to always make sure that they're the right kind of Russian and not pro-Putin. Funnily enough, most of pro-Putin stuff comes from mixed families which are having a hard time finding their identity and hence are easy pickings for kremlin media.

  8. 30 minutes ago, Craig Sawyers said:

    The interesting thing is that we in the UK are not as reliant as other EU states are on Russian gas and crude. Which is good. That semi-independence seems to not have effected the petrol price at the pump, and gas and electricity prices, which are still spiraling rapidly upwards.

    Plenty of oligarch dosh in Londongrad. But yeah, Bojo did ruffle Putin's feathers a bit. I think UK still has some island advantage - not that easy to get that Russian oil/gas to you lot.

    32 minutes ago, Craig Sawyers said:

    I did not realize that China was so dependent on Russian crude. It is no wonder that they are tending not to rock Russia's boat too much.

    I think China is waiting for Russia to fold and then will scoop it up as a protectorate. China needs a gas station and there's plenty of other vital Russian resources for manufacturing. Also a friendly puppet regime can divert the West's attention from China when needed. 

  9. 53 minutes ago, Craig Sawyers said:

    This is what Putin did to the capital city Grozny in 1995.

    The Chechen wars in the nineties were a colossal clusterfuck and many say that they costed Yeltsin his career. Putin largely built on that as he was the prime minister during Yeltsin's last term and took over as president. I've seen on the ground footage from Russian side and it was chaos not too dissimilar from whet we see in Ukraine. Low on morale, drunk, underequipped and poorly managed were the Russian troops there. The first assault on Grozny failed spectacularly and in the second war progress was made only by grinding the city up by rocket arty. Again - not too dissimilar from what's happening in Ukraine.

    2 hours ago, Craig Sawyers said:

    What are the red armbands? A prisoner combatant thing?

    Probably unit markings or something like that. The comms on Russian side are so poor that they are starting to lose high ranking officers as they need to be at the front lines to command. Some people saw that they were using regular Aliexpress walkie talkies and UA dudes would eavesdrop and even shit talk over them. I am seriously at a loss whether it's a ploy of some sort to trick the West, wear down the defenders or maybe it's just what it really is after decades of uncontrolled robbery.

    1 hour ago, Craig Sawyers said:

    But yes - the West has become dependent on Russian gas and oil. None more than the EU. Just as the entire West is reliant on another war mongering autocracy, China (Taiwan - potentially China's Ukraine) - for goods manufacture (including semiconductors), and massive trillion dollar financial loans to Western governments and countries.




    Essentially I might've paid for my bullet or rocket through a power or gas bill.

  10. 36 minutes ago, Craig Sawyers said:

    You are a lot closer to Ukraine than us. But if it, God help us, gets as far as the UK, we have nowhere to run. We are far too heavily populated. Run to Scotland? No help - the major submarine bases are up there. And in our area we have AWRE - the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, GCHQ (Government Communication HQ) and Porton Down (the chemical weapons crew), and major RAFs base at Brize Norton and Abingdon. So we're fucked. Might as well kiss our asses goodbye.

    Well, if shit goes nuclear then only nature wins. I'm hoping someone in Putin's retinue breaks and punches his ticket. Here in Latvia we can only try running north or go guerilla as the country is richly forested. With that said, I'm pleasantly surprised with Russia's military ineptitude in Ukraine and don't think that they are able to sustain a multi-frontal ground war. Current Russian POW's in UA look like irregulars at best and bums at worst. I think the corruption is rife in their military and no one has the guts to tell Putin that it's all not khaki colored sunshines and rainbows.


  11. Well, friendos - me and my gf bought 75 liter hiking backpacks so we can bug out if needed. Also bought enough water and food to last us for 3 days on the run. It's relatively peaceful here in NATO's embrace, but shit can get real pretty fast. Most doomsday supplies are sold out.

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  12. 54 minutes ago, Jon L said:

    I love these types of speaker designs.  1.4" compression driver is a nice touch.  I assume Reflector Audio and this top module can be used without subwoofers, in which case what are their useful low frequency response?

    My speaker is called the Square One and the more recent one is Square Two. Both run the compression horn down to 1kHz with very shallow filters. I've seen people using the same driver down to 500Hz, but the horn needs to be pretty massive and you need steeper filters to stay out of trouble.

    Mine has F6=35Hz while the Square Two seems around 40Hz both in free field. In living room conditions with boundary gain help mine can do 30Hz pretty decently. At the same time there's plenty of headroom for something that's essentially a 12.5" cube. Help it down low with a decent sub and you have almost PA-like SPL capabilities.


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  13. 29 minutes ago, Torpedo said:

    It looks very promising. All drivers are FR or they use an active filter? Let us know about the sound when you try them :) 

    The drivers are actively filtered, so the slopes must be rather shallow to get no phase shift. I have listened to the prototype which had different filtering and power electronics. The sound was superb! The mains in my system are of similar principle, only they use Scanny 15MU midwoofs and the same Faital HF1440 CD.


    The mids are nicer on mine and they go louder - circa 120dBSPL peak at 1m. Got their acoustician to come to my place and dick around with SMAART to tune them to my subs and room. Haven't heard this kind of percussive transients outside of [very few] pro studio control rooms.

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