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  1. Jeez, just what the trolls in the LCD-2 thread over there needed.

    I sure would hate to have just plunked down on a "rev 2" only to have this come out a few weeks later.

    Even if the LCD-3 costs a kilo more? I'd be content with my r2, after all they are in different weight categories. Now only we need to see if LOTUS membranes justify the price difference. And the question of reliability.

  2. One thing that bothers me in the BF and other games is the reduced explosive damage radius of some weapons. I think they should try to emulate the dynamics of explosions indoors, so that when something explodes in a narrow corridor the field of the blast extends both directions. Not just the same globe around the point of detonation. Also I don't see much fragmentation from grenades. They should implement defensive grenades that employ additional fragmentation with a longer but more random kill radius.

    And yeah, I know that in essence it's just a game with different tools of playing masked behind loosely modeled real world weapons.

    P.S. They also should let you upgrade the flashlight so that you could engage a strobing mode to confuse enemies. And induce some epileptic seizures...

  3. IMO the only thing where BF was inferior to COD is gunplay but now it seems a lot better. At least I see that they are putting some sweat in it.

    And don't get me started on the single player, COD2 was the game where my satisfaction with killing the opposition took a serious plunge. First of all- no single enemy really present a serious threat and second- the health regen. Gone are the days of Half-life low health creeping around and avoiding any damage. The gaming industry is afraid to challenge- both in the way of difficulty and in storytelling. All in fear that someone might not get past a certain area or even not buy the damn disc. When was the last time you could not finish a modern game?

  4. Nice pics, folks. Also good to see RudeWolf posting pics from the Land of Birgir.

    Well, those aren't from the land of Birgir (the trees should be a dead giveaway), those are from my home country- Latvia and the dry dock is from Finland (from the Sea Fortress). But Icelandic pics should follow shortly, haven't got myself to sort them out.

  5. Thanks, Spritzer- I wasn't sure about how long should I lurk and click on a certain link in high ranking member signatures to be deemed postworthy. But so far so good. My blundering hasn't broken any vases or anything, right?

    And yeah, we could try the RS-1 and maybe it'll be better because of my now low hopes. To be honest I'm a bit suspicious how much one can improve a certain design by adding better matched drivers, cups of wood and a fancier headband. But still, I can't imagine not liking the sound. At least if the records are right.

    In any case thanks for showing this oasis in the usual digital noise.

  6. Well, removing the button was out of the question, but in any case I'm not telling that the sound I was hearing seemed bad in any way (maybe the bass qty.). It's just that maybe I got my hopes up to high or maybe I did not have enough time with them or my source was sucky. Beats me.

    I would trade my SR80i for them no questions asked, but I felt that 400$ difference should yield something more. Regarding the amplification- they were fed through a VERY special M3 so juice was plenty. And I'm comparing them to an unamped SR80i. Though I have a hard time justifying amping for my Grado. Volume seems more than enough.

  7. Got a chance to listen to a RS2 (buttoned) and to be honest I was not impressed. At the moment I'm rocking with my male genitals out with a SR80i and I never did think that there's so much fun to be had for 99$. And it was the same with RS2, the sound was great but to my surprise the only improvements over my trusty eighty were more natural highs and a blacker background. I know that in audio sooner or later I hit the price/perf. peak after which the improvements are slight, but with Grado I feel like I've hit that peak right now. They were amplified so juice was plenty, and only weak spot was the source from my laptop, but still... I feel sad because because I was expecting more and maybe that let me down.

    Music wise I guess then all Grado hp's are the same more or less. Anything 60's, that's my motto. Jazz, Rock, Blues. But god forbid, if anything you play is bright or "loud." In that case There Will Be Blood.

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