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  1. Wizzer

    AudioByte Hydra Vox dac

    Unlike some in this hobby I never marry any brand name of said audio components so for anyone interested I find this AudioByte Vox dac and headphone amplifier so far the best performing I’ve owed to date and with the third part of this stack yet to be released ,,,, a streamer,,,, I’m really looking forward to it . This purchase was a complete shot in the dark though having listened to AudioBytes so called big brother Rockna dac I figured there should be a resemblance in performance . Using the exact same source after a couple weeks I realized I prefer the AudioByte Vox dac more so then Rockna’s entry level dac priced at $2,000 more . And just to mention I do have a Mjolnir audio Bipolar MK ii headphone amplifier with direct comparison I prefer the performance of the headphone section in the AudioByte. Finally I’d like mention a recent firmware update for the Vox dac which further enhance the musical performance followed by a firmware up date for the power supplies which I think go a long way at making this component perform .
  2. Wizzer

    MQA-CD (oh no, not again)

    A farce I think so also , gotta keep the public buying so marketed new and improved stuff ,....
  3. Wizzer

    AudioByte Hydra Vox dac

    Bingo ! Is this a nice performing dac and headphone amplifier.
  4. For anyone curious I just put an order in for the AudioByte Hydra Vox dac a Romanian manufacturered component and sister company of famed Rockna Audio . It’s a interesting dac , it’s configured to stack with separate power supplies, yes plural and soon to be released server named the Hub . The dac is FPGA based , pure one bit and no dac chip and much more including a superb purpose built headphone input. I believe M***.com is the US distributor and ***.com a dealer where I placed my order I’m sure there are other dealers however I found Vlad owner of *** out of Minnesota to be fabulous to deal with.
  5. Wizzer

    Mjolnir Audio Dynalo 2 , just bought it.

    Yep , I’ve been a fan of Katz’s work in the recording industry for decades not only his work as a engineer also as a author . The Mjölnir Bipolar is a great match up with the Audeze 4Zs foremost and secondly a fantastic deal at $2100.00 .
  6. Wizzer

    Mjolnir Audio Dynalo 2 , just bought it.

    Since my last posting I did try out some other popular brands of headphones with the Mjölnir bipolar and purchased the Audeze LCD4Z which I find truly spectacular .
  7. Wizzer

    Denafrips DACs

    I bought the new Yggdrasil analog 2 this past January , Anyway it’s a decent dac for the asking price .
  8. Wizzer

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Everything in moderation even the not so healthy food. That’s sounds great ! Mmmmmm
  9. Wizzer

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    It’s a French Canadian dish consisting of hand cut fry’s , thick beef gravy with melted cheese kurds ,.F*** it’s good .
  10. I use to drink for the effect and as I gotten older I learned to drink for pleasure . This one hits the spot for me and under 50 bucks .
  11. Wizzer

    Denafrips DACs

    I just had the Denafrips terminator for acouple weeks for a good listen , borrowed from a friend , Pretty good but I won’t be getting rid of my Rockna dac anytime soon .
  12. Wizzer

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    Made French fry poutine for lunch
  13. Wizzer

    Mjolnir Audio Dynalo 2 , just bought it.

    I thank my lucky stars coming across Bob Katz review of Mjölnir Audio , good start .
  14. Wizzer

    Mjolnir Audio Dynalo 2 , just bought it.

    I couldn’t say if they were LCD model I didn’t study them too close the fellow introduced them as Audeze 3s. I found them a touch heavy and he went through adjustments to get them to fit my head and once I felt we hit a sweet spot he let the music play . I guess I have to get use to something clamped on my head however after awhile they seemed to get uncomfortable just a little tight . Many thanks and maybe soft pads would work .
  15. Wizzer

    Mjolnir Audio Dynalo 2 , just bought it.

    Purk ,great I’ll check them out ,.