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  1. And how. Or just do what I do: drink liberally before listening ...also posting.
  2. Cheaper for Ayre, not Wavelength. Clearly, advantageous for Wavelength. (or that's how I read it)
  3. No, this is a Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard | The Onion - America's Finest News Source Assuming street price is tame enough, I'd like to try one. I don't think I'll chomp at the bit though.
  4. You thought the k701s sounded dull? I thought they were erring on the side of bright/fatiguing, but different strokes for different folks. Perhaps you are referring to something other than frequency response?
  5. I probably shouldn't have used the word common, as I don't think I've never read anything else about it. I'll try the hot glue if it pops up again, thanks!
  6. A week or two ago I snagged a used GS-1 from HF (from doobooloo). It arrived and I let it adjust to room temp before firing up, and all seemed well until the left channel cut out almost completely. Flipping the high/low gain switch seemed to almost fix it. I contacted doobooloo and he said that it was a common problem with some GS-1's with the DACT stepped attenuator, and that popping the lid and reseating the molex-like connector for the left channel at the DACT SA would fix it. It did... for about 10 days. I noticed it again today, and so I popped the lid and reseated again. The molex co
  7. Well, if i could gotten an assembled M^3 for $150 I wouldn't have had that argument
  8. It really is something else when they go full blast.
  9. Mine is a 2.4 santa rosa also with 4 gigs of ram. It takes a moderate to heavy load - gaming will do it in either osx or xp. Fans make it over 5500 RPM. A well ventilated room or conductive tabletop will prevent it, however. Come to think of it, it might require heavy graphics lifting, not just cpu intensive tasks. So, two separate computer vs computer chess games -and- a game of plasma pong, or pretty much any recent DirectX 9.0 game in windows. 3-4k RPM isn't really all that loud, though.
  10. Did anyone ever make an actual 0404 usb to duet comparison w/ just the line outs (bypassing the onboard amp for both)?
  11. I expect the majority of macbook users don't use firewire. Of course, apple has gone and made that decision for you with the new macbooks. The fans in my macbook pro sound like a jet engine when fully spun up - if the macbook is anything like it it is much louder than you'd expect from a laptop.
  12. more juice going through the laptop means it pulls more from the wall. Perhaps a stand like the rain m-stand would help? (with my MBP the fans never come on in my office, even when running statistical models or some hardcore computer vs computer chess action to run down the battery. both cpu's pegged at 100%)
  13. The spdif out works in osx, but it seems the 0404 treats the spdif outs as channels 3 and 4. So, you have to route audio specifically to outputs 3 and 4. Crud.
  14. Oh, I somehow missed that the mic inputs were separate from the instrument ins. hmm. You are right, it is gaming, and it isn't all of the time. The 0404 has a pair of main outs, so I can have speakers connected at the same time as headphone gear, so an spdif dac would more or less be a painless drop in upgrade. I guess taps/splitters would mostly solve that problem, though. At present, the only I/O unused on my 0404 is the spdif out
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