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  1. Picked up a minty carrera reissue at a price I couldn't turn down. Debating whether I should put on a deployant strap or keep the tang & buckle.
  2. Just received my pots & PCBs, thanks again for this GB.
  3. I think that's how I did it the first time. Just in case I did it that way just now, but no change in the result.
  4. Thanks, I should ask if it'd be something I could repeat with my rigol DS1054Z though. I tried a while ago to adjust the battery to see if it would have any effect on the noise. It'd sooner go out of whack than change the noise. Unless there's something I'm missing I'm not sure that's the solution. Right, thanks for clarifying. Without another T2 to compare to it's hard to say whether the noise on mine is higher than what's normal. All I can say is that it's high enough to bother me.
  5. Boards received, thanks!
  6. Is there some meaningful way to measure the noise at the output with a scope? To compare what I measure with other T2s would probably answer the question.
  7. So I had another member borrow my T2 to take a look at it. But I was told that the noise is around the normal level for this amp. Am I just the only asshole that finds an audible noise floor to be a dealbreaker? Or are there T2s out there that are actually dead silent (even in a room with no background noise)?
  8. Remainder paid, thanks again.
  9. Payment sent, thanks. The remaining shipping fee should also include the cost of the boards, right? I'm assuming the lead time for the boards is shorter than for the TKDs, so they could be shipped together.
  10. Seems I can't edit the sheet myself. In any case I'll take 5x 4CP-601s (and their PCBs of course).
  11. A few screencaps with a scope from a while ago. The first is the AC coupled voltage at the +200V output of the battery (referenced to ground). The second is the same but at the output jack. I haven't tried re-measuring the output, but after replacing most of the sand the +200V output looked identical.
  12. Not all of them, but I did swap out the 820k and 390k resistors in all four batteries (from takman REYs to xicons) a while ago.
  13. I've recently gone back to try and fix the noise problem in my T2, since finishing the carbon. However it seems like the batteries aren't the culprit. I've now replaced all of the sand in the right channels batteries. I've also upped the feedback caps to 15pf. Neither has made any change to the noise. I really thank Kerry for helping me try to solve this, but this is feeling more like a wild goose chase than anything.
  14. PCBs to go along with the pots would certainly make sense. I'd prefer the type of PCB with a separate ground pin for each channel. Makes wiring slightly easier (although it is a bit larger than the PCBs spritzer is selling now).