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  1. arrrgghhh I may hold for the next year and get a Galibier turntable and Schroeder arm
  2. Dan don't be a tool, you know home roast is great stuff Michael has my roaster and can hit you off with a bit of home roast goodness.... better then crack but maybe not crank
  3. and we expect a lot of pics she better be a hottie if you are going to miss this take her to Juptier and drink lots of beer then tell her you want to show her your headphone collection
  4. feel the dark side calling you.... you know you want it feel your inner diva ps you'll need an arm you can start with an rb250 they are cheap and all over agon
  5. fuck the car ride a bike and be a tree hugger and get into LP goodness it's what the inner disturbing godess in you wants
  6. thanks Al I'm going to use my ghetto rack for the meet as well please remember to bring power strips!!! 36 hours and counting untill Eddie Current balanced goodness is unleashed oh and Satans Delicate Sinewave
  7. ok then get off your arse and get a good vinyl rig there is a nice avid on agon for less than 1500
  8. Ken (guzziguy) got a hold of me so he will be coming up from LA and will be at the meet with the exemplar and SP extreme
  9. ps vinyl is where it is at my vinyl rig which is good not great, I need a new deck, is still much better. While this is in part due to better mastering even on recordings with good redbook masters the vinyl wins. Vickie go vinyl
  10. Vickie's got one that was the tops a few years back John Tucker has found better caps for his mod and has changed the opamps in it as well to better ones as it stands the exemplar is better than the ayre cx7, wadia 302, transporter, sony sacd player 1 (whatever that big ass gold colored 50 lb monster is called) and the esoterics 50/60 I have heard on redbook. If I had not gone Cosecant it would have taken dynamight to get it out of my house. The cosecant and exemplar are probably in the same league but I can not give up the ease of use a mac mini and the cosecant offer not to mention the sound
  11. oh no my 359 portable amp comparison is down the drain, oh the humanity.
  12. I did send him my address and directions as he is camping out at my place Friday night so I hope he is still on.
  13. Justin sorry to hear that, any hassles we might have pale in comparison to 40k worth of parts waiting on orders. Well at least it will give the others that ordered the predator a chance to reconsider the Pico once the site is up and running. I hope it works out for you. To those that lost your feedback at least your know entities and that should count for something
  14. no I was going to do this Sunday but the site crapped out I have been in touch with Ori via email and I have Dan's email so any help you could provide reaching out to other NorCal guys or sending me the info so I can would be cool
  15. if you want we can source share and get a feel for the Zana and HD2 OTL vs Trannies
  16. another vote for the balanced rs1, I like these more than the HP2s balanced at the moment. Balancing them totally opens up the headstage
  17. there are things more important that audio and the pursuit of a female is one, have fun. Hey if she is a stiff and it's going nowhere man up and dump her and come down, if your prospects are good then...
  18. it's like 15 minutes from you, unless you are out of town no excuses
  19. well it will be you, me, Ori, Neil, Dan, and Al with all the coffee we can drink. Not sure who is over here other than that but we'll still have a great line up of amps anyway
  20. Just a heads up there is a meet in NorCal this Saturday 11am-6pm at Zocalo Coffee House in San Leandro. Here is a link to the place http://www.zocalocoffeehouse.com/Zocalo_Coffeehouse/Zocalo_Home.html the address and phone are 645 Bancroft @ Dutton San Leandro, CA 94577 510-569-0102 They have large meeting room seperate from the public area. Anyone who attends please bring a power strip with you. Thanks JP
  21. You'll get the chance to hear the HD2 Saturday if you come to the meet
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