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  1. Speaking of obsolete parts, I recently noticed this 3D-printable Sigma headband assembly uploaded by some kind soul: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1780659 Might come in handy for some of us with older Sigmas/Lambdas/Omegas (albeit the earcup Yokes would be different for the latter two). Might print out a few spares of the arc for posterity since those seem like the most fragile piece.
  2. Eh, I'd be a bit skeptical on the cheapo DAC front especially when you're buying something from China on eBay or taobao or what have you. IIRC the Holo Spring and AudioGD Singularity 19 were hypothesized to be potentially excellent for the money, but I think they're garbage even if they were half of what they actually do cost. Might be a good idea approach the Soekris with skepticism too -- it could be great or it could also sound shitty like the others.
  3. Based on the precedent of "progress" established by the likes of the Holo Spring and AGD Singularity 19, I'm not hopeful...
  4. Honestly I'd be surprised if Stax's margin was anything less than 3x their cost. Yeah, even with several hundred (thousand depending on the build) going to labor and casework a commissioned DIY should be a much better deal.
  5. Not sure it'd really make a huge difference considering commissioned builds could also have a substantial increment from "BOM" cost attributable to labor and casework (especially since they don't benefit from the scale Stax has for amp chassis). Was the XF4 correction really worth making? They're just power tubes in a hybrid tube/SS amp and all the XF/metalbase hullabaloo is way out of hand IMO.
  6. Are those the original SR-O pads on the right (IME they look more brownish IRL but could just be the lighting)? If so, those are in pretty rough shape. I guess the Omega does deserve a lot of head time...
  7. I was looking for a number of old headband arcs back in November but turned up dry. FWIW broken arcs can actually be "welded" back together by manufacturing companies specializing in plastics. Won't look quite the same as the original but it seems fairly inexpensive to do and thus might make more sense than hunting down rare plastic headbands. The variation in analogous parts is also pretty interesting (and confounding). In my research I found an obscure headband screw that you'd think would be identical across the older Staxen is actually different between the Lambda, Sigma and Omeg
  8. Aha, so the "fuzziness" comment was in response to the air! I don't find airiness and naturalness to be mutually exclusive. It's one of the reasons I really enjoy the Omega and Sennheiser electrostats. Would you contest the possibility of the honeymoon effect also being in full force? In all seriousness the bass on these was the Achilles heel for me but I'm eager to hear how they turn out on different amps vs. stats and the like.
  9. Can't wait to hear what all the fuss is about re: 009+Carbon. I never really cared for the standard KGSSHV or the 009 separately but I'll approach this pairing with open ears. It will be hard to touch T2+Omega but I'll be curious to try the HE90 out of it. My experience with the latter on BHSE and then T2 was a complete upset from expectations and everything I've read. Too bad I don't have the BHSE lying around anymore to make sure I'm not insane (or deaf). I have to say I'm really jealous of @HemiSam's Carbon posted a while ago. That build fits my aesthetic tastes well.
  10. Hmm, when you mentioned downsizing amps I thought Carbon, T2 and Aristaeus would be the last ones standing.
  11. Seems like a waste of energy all-around in arguing positions that aren't really worth defending. The SR-007 Mk-whatever, SR-009, SR-Omega, HE90 etc. are so hilariously far from ideal that no state-of-the-art amplifier will really save them from themselves no matter the circuit properties, 60-year-old tubes or magic fairy dust. This is why I usually always post the same shit to those looking towards serious high-end audio: listen and draw your own conclusions. Flights and trials are chump change compared to the four or five figures required for these systems and it doesn't make sense
  12. After listening to both the Omega and HE90 out of the BHSE and T2 I have no idea what's what anymore. I'll just see if I can get a listen on the Aristaeus and some other less-than-honest options to judge for myself.
  13. Congrats on the successful refurbishment of the HE90. I imagine the collection is quite extensive now especially with the even rarer actually-vintage Stax models. Picked one up quite recently, originally (and exquisitely) built by a fine member from here. If you manage to pick up an Omega again you should try them on the T2. The resolution and bass (really top-to-bottom) performance is seriously impressive, even coming after a BHSE. Truly the very pinnacle of what I have heard and I am very grateful for the contributors and builders of the design.
  14. Any opinions with your other amps like the Octave? I'm still on the fence about grabbing something just for the HE90. My pair is pretty bass-shy even out of the T2 so I'm curious whether some design can ameliorate that glaring weakness.
  15. One of my friends was eager to buy one second-hand at the $600+ they seem to be going for today. I'm feeling a bit relieved I steered him away... Seems like a pretty bad sign that the amp self-destructs when you plug into both the single-ended and balanced outputs.
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