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  1. 5V in the cable, so probably lower max Vpp on stators than we're used to. Then gap / bias / diaphragm tensioning figures should be interesting. The latter could explain the thickness (2.4 ┬Ám). Ali
  2. I love when the mafia feels challenged. So many cool things to happen Ali
  3. Ok I'm a bit naive thinking my questions would have some echoes on HF, but I did try BTW, maybe I should have asked them here...I knew it : I've to say I'll be very interested in some mafia's enlightments Ali
  4. Got my hands on some LNS, said to be the most neutral Lambda out there, but all I can find about them is 4 to 8 years old...when Stax's thread on HF was useful, hosting most of you guys. Looks like I'm several years late in the hobby...I may jump into DIY amps and such things within the next years BTW, they look quite rare, less than 2 years of production, that may explain the scarce reviews. No comments on sound so far, I got them on vacation and brought only cheap SMSL SA-50 amp + SRD7/SBmk2 to test them. So details are not very impressive, and low-end is quite short compared to what I'm used to @ home through modded 727 or SRM-1/mk2 pro...Interested in comparison beetween LNS and L700 anyway, the latter is said to be really well balanced by some folks. Ali
  5. There's a plastic part previous Lambda don't have. Angle used to be processed through pads, now it's there through this plastic part, and pads look flat now. There's also an angle on the grid of the enclosure former Lambdas don't have. Ali
  6. SR-??? with the new "Lambda" driver, probably. Ali
  7. Looks like a "basic" stiffening of the stators, they could easily stick that in a SR-507 housing and call it SR-509. I say "basic", but maybe some wachara-level dude would tell I've no clue about it Ali
  8. Lambda drivers + Orpheus housing, for instance ? Ali
  9. Nope. SRD-7/SBmk2, and AC-Powered SRD-7 Pro. Ali
  10. Do you have some pictures of it ? Always intersted in oddnesses stax could have released Ali
  11. SRD-7/SBmk2 is the only self-bias one made by Stax that provides pro-bias output. Ali
  12. Got my SRM-727II modded. Soooo good with Lambda Sig and SR-X/mk3 Pro. I think I have chosen wisely. Ali
  13. I feel like you're debugging the path for whatever may happen to me when I receive mine Ali
  14. I can't agree more. Same basic (yet insanely clever) design, maybe a new diaphragm material, good looking and comfy enclosure, it'll be a winner. Stax is still a very (very) small company. The recent hype about beats headphones may help them, but hi-end e-stats are meant to be a niche...that I would like to tell this guy : http://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/international/soundstage-uk/811 Not only the T2 did sink them, but surely too much items in their range back then. I'm sure they are as cautious as a small japanese company can be since then. Ali
  15. And it's not mine For those who don't want to deal with HF, picture of mine with today's new earpads : Love them, indeed Ali
  16. Peace, love, and SR-X/mk3 Pro, brothers Ali
  17. I didn't have any "etched" Stax until now : SR-5, SR-5/NB, SR-X/mk3, Sigma Pro, Gamma Pro, SR-007 mk1, Lambda NB and SR-009. The two latter the "brighter", but still very smooth with beautiful midrange. FR response of Lambda Signature sounds very different to me, with something glaring in the high mids my other cans don't have. It's no that unpleasant, but it sounds a bit artificial. I'm waiting for my BHSE to make a definitive statement on my several phones...Spritzer did say one time the glaring side of Lambda Sig does largely benefit from power / authority of some BH amp. Ali
  18. Got my hands on a pretty mint Lambda Signature. Now I know what etch means Ali
  19. Sound is very consistent...I used to have cable problem on some other Stax (strain relief on my Lambda NB) but no problem so far on my SR-5/NB. I assume DefQon speaks about durability of rinse aid as coating. Time will tell whether my fix is durable or not. Ali
  20. If it fades out, I'll get some other coating, indeed. Now I know how to fix the problem, it's like there is no problem anymore. Do you have a picture of the gel you use ? The one I've bought is a pile of non-working crap. Ali
  21. Try rinse aid. Worked beautifully with my SR-5/NB eventually. Ali
  22. My try with monster iClean antistatic (got it at work for free) is also a failure, no temporary improvement. I'll try something else. Ali
  23. Thank you DefQon, I'll try this evening or tomorrow. Ali
  24. Any antistatic spray / gel will do ? I'll be unable to find the floor cleaner Wachara uses..I'm not in Thailand Ali
  25. The 4 bronze pins are small screws on SR-X, right ? First, cup opening, then unscrew those 4 ones which are inside the plastic housing of the driver...and what's next ? I assume I have to remove the metal-ringed dust cover (ear-side), but don't know how Edit : forget it, understood now. Carefully disassembled, driver is fine, carefully re-assembled, sound is still the same (with imbalance), I've made no mistakes. Gonna get some antistatic solution tomorrow for recoating. Ali
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