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  1. No servo on the BHSE. 1 hour to be stable < 10V, 2 hours to be fully stable. Ali
  2. Or isn't the KGSS an unlicensed 717 ? Ali
  3. KG Grounded Grid clone, right ? Why is the PSU so massive ? Ali
  4. Yeah. Because winter is coming. Ali
  5. L700 driver for half the price, and only a couple of bucks over a silver unit (60 €) for a black 353X. At least they're not in stupidly inflating prices like the T8000 release, or other brands recent habits... Ali
  6. This. When Jude made one of his vids about HE-1, you could clearly see Sennheiser looked at Stax's design. And that's considering Sennheiser has some knowledge with stats Mr. Speaker doesn't have (yet). Generally speaking, this industry is strange with this aspect. Looking at stat's, maybe they fear the unlimited wrath of our icelandic grumpy baker BTW I'm curious. They may claim they don't look at competitors, but round re-inforced stators and metallic finish are screaming 009 btw. Ali
  7. Bump in the low mids, like old Lambdas (I think about my Lambda Signature), check. Lacking some excitment compared to Staxens, kinda german coldness in the mids, check. Sometimes biting in the highs in spite of flat high mids (Sennheiser tone for me), check. All around I pretty liked them, but there's indeed something a tiny bit too cold / distant compared to what may be a coloration from Staxens. Don't completely agree with your assessment on soundstage though, but looks like you're a man of deep layered soundstages more than volumic ones. Eager to see you daring tear them apart and hardcore modify them Ali
  8. My experience with electromod is they always get the parts eventually. I assume you've asked them for brown headpad availability...? Ali
  9. You mean the adhesive thing which sticks the drivers to the cups (I've that on my SR-5) ? Any picture welcome, before I open them up BTW, they don't sound off to me, just something different. Ali
  10. Got my hands on some late SR-1. Interesting mid-centric / hollow sound, but all around impressed by how it's close to the later iterations of the concept (SR-3, SR-5...). Ali
  11. Changed my provider yesterday, in order to spare 20 € per month. Download is a bit lower and not as rock stable as before (sometimes goes down to 800-820), but upload significantly better : Ali
  12. Stax doesn't evolve that much neither BTW Ali
  13. Looks like Jim / mafia's work on re-updating SRX circuit did give some ideas to Schiit and Trilogy. But it also looks like both companies are not really into estat thing. Ali
  14. My contribution to the pissing contest : Ali
  15. Didn't listen to it but yeah, I've read a french review saying it's not that different from stock 727...which is to my ears compressed dynamic, metallic / harsh tone and bloated bass. Too bad though. Ali
  16. I don't have any clue in electronics, but all tubes topology, 6SN7 output...does it have something in common with SRX ? Because SRX+ from @Jim L minus regulated PSU (and resistor instead of CCS) could be in the retail price range they targeted. Ali
  17. Schiit did also play with some estat design in 2016 : https://www.head-fi.org/threads/schiit-happened-the-story-of-the-worlds-most-improbable-start-up.701900/page-1542#post-13636532 Ali
  18. A while ago, i had the opportunity to listen to KS-H4. I brought my SRM-1/mk2Pro and Gamma Pro + Lambda NB. Both did humiliate the Kingsound. No other word for this comparison Ali
  19. Even after modding it, I was never completely satisfied with my 727. Stock, it's just wrong, with bloated / murky bass, very metallic tone in the high mids, and you can't adjust volume correctly, because of compressed dynamic. Volume up to get some dynamic, volume down because of harshness, perpetual motion eventually. When modded, things are way better, but it remains something unnatural, between the overall warm balance and this metallic tone in the high mids that's still there, even if less pronunced. In the end, I do prefer my brave ol' SRM-1/mk2 Pro. Obviously it's no BHSE (bass, details, soundstage, impact, whatever), but it's consistent, and there's nothing disturbing in its presentation. Ali
  20. First stage with t00bz, but after that, rather 717 (global feedback / resistor), as Kevin did say, or 727 (local feedbacks / CCS) ? Anyway, as a (very happy) BHSE owner, good to know. So he said Ali
  21. What does prevent Stax from doing some innovations, like Sic FET or Circlotron ? Same question about regulated PSU and moar current capability...Japanese pride ? Design philosophy to keep it "simple" (let's say conservative) and with a small enough footprint ? Ali
  22. http://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/showthread.php?p=3143868 Any idea whats in it ? Ali
  23. I own both (SR-5 Gold = last version, black cups and ribbon cable), and I do prefer regular SR-5. The latter are more engaging, more foot-tapping, with this medium to die for. SR-5NB have more technicalities, but somehow dull to my ears. But hey, remember I'm not a die-hard fan of my LNS (which will end up in some ad to sell), and did sell my 007mk1 because I found them definitely too shy, even out of my BHSE. Ali
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