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  1. had some oden last night, at basically my favorite (and only place I've found) that serves it more Japanese in style than Taiwanese. Always nice to have variety. Was in luck that they also stored their cups in a fridge for the asahi, guess it counts as on tap? Dispensed from some counter-top machine.
  2. 3month follow up hints that I am not skyrocketing towards retina detachment. very good news. My eyes aren't good, but they're not horribly off either. Now to finish the day of work, with everything out of focus
  3. lostonetr

    slow forum

    Company presses your ashes into vinyl when you die [Link]
  4. possibly BSG blu ray from amazon UK for ~$20. Though most likely order will be canceled by Amazon. Also extended warranty for camera, includes accidents, and claims to offer service/help even when abroad.
  5. First time seeing easy pull tabs on PC.add.on cards, quite interesting, and seems like it'd save a lot of trouble. No more wiggling the card around, worrying about flex/damage?
  6. I actually like the color. More importantly maybe this means one could nab the k701 used for cheaper again.
  7. may I ask, what interconnects?
  8. random power supply for the desktop... under $20, hoping to find out only my PSU went bad. Been using my laptop, which had a HDD crap out in the same week... Running all programs off of a USB flash drive, makes for some slow computer usage.
  9. @jin : You didn't visit Uniqlo for pants?
  10. used panasonic lumix LX3 off of a friend. needed a point and shoot, since I destroyed my last one. Also a toy looking watch, without the hefty price, @ ~ $35.
  11. 7pm, was all ready to exercise and then go eat. 10:40pm, I've just been reading about cameras, and trying to make a decision.
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