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  1. I'm not totally sure how to keep score here.
  2. You haven't been watching her at all...you've...you've been falling in love with her!!! Good job! She's a sweetie!
  3. You're very welcome. yes, faces -> names is a good thing. I am glad the meet turned out good as well. This gives me extra energy for the next...and the next. I already have a few ideas to throw some curve balls in just to make it fun. Many thanks. Yours as well. Thank you for telling me about headcase. I needed a fix and really needed a place to chat about the meet! It was a surprising unit. The sound was dark and clean without being syrupy. I think it would make a great combination with any computer and especially with any portable unit. Alas, I didn't try it with them, though. What was I thinking! I agree that we'll need to keep in touch with Headroom. I've already dispensed email to them saying thanks, and letting them know we look forward to hearing more in the future. Hopefully Tyll can stop by some time as well. I knew it! That was the only name that went through my head, but I figured I was wrong. Neat. Thank you. The guy with the crew cut? I believe that was Joe... Yeah, enthusiastic! In fact, all of our new members really were cool. I had some long discussions with Akui (that you caught in a photo) and also found out he lives minutes form my home! What a surprise. He has good ears and we traded notes about the HD600 vs HD650 with some "live tests". That was pretty fun. Well, we all love to see what you have, Young! No worries there. I think for the next meet, I'm just going to bring my headphones (well, and the CK2III that I promised this time...sorry) so I can listen to more stuff. I never did get too far, and wanted to hear so much more. Gah!
  4. Please send me a pm and let me know what email addy you are using. It took a bit of doing...I left out mention of a handful of other emails.
  5. Another Seattle meet finished. They seem to go by so fast. As socrates said, we were nailed having hedd-fy go down less than a week before our meet. With all of the contact information, including phone numbers (!) locked away, I was nervous and frustrated. I was hoping that people would remember where it was, and when it was. (I later found out that some enterprising souls were smart enough to check the cached pages form google, so I have to say I was impressed!) My two biggest concerns were: Justin from Headamp, and some gear coming in from Headroom. If the meet fell on it's ass, we'd have a difficult time trying to get any traction in the future. We split the difference. Connections through headwize and emails somehow went askew with Justin, so he played it safe and opted not to come. Gah! I'm definitely sorry that happened, but I know this was his hard-earned dollars going towards the visit, so I absolutely don't blame him. Justin, if you're reading this: we'll plan another and you are definitely invited. By that time, we can trade email, phone numbers, whatever! As luck would have it, though, Andrew Hertsens dropped me an email at my home address, and got a package together really fast, and had it out to me in a few days. Thanks, Andrew! The box showed up with the 2007 Portable Desktop and the 2006 pimped out Desktop. Here's a photo of the opened box...heh heh... hey, where's the portable? Oh, that's right, I'm listening to it while packing. Never mind! You've seen the 12:20 photo I took. I honestly was pretty nervous. But in the back of my mind I thought: come on. People will show. And the did. THANK GOD! And socrates showed up with Pizza....'sall good my brotha! Socrates (Young) vowed to bring less gear. Looks like that didn't happen. I was happy with that . Nate: Wow. I got to listen to the Nugget and was really impressed. I started in with a pair of K701s, but was just not gettin the love. Then I plugged in my HD600s and wow, everything just worked. Beauty! Very musical, and a sweet build. Nice to see some Maher gear making it to the west coast. They're multiplying!!! The coolest part of the meet was getting new members. Here's kelvinz enjoying the MPX3. And here's kelvinz enjoying the MPX3 (yeah, I just said that. But at least the police could identify him from this picture.) Here's xtreme4099 pretending he can't hear socrates singing along. Gil with his customized KSC75s. Behind him is my DVP-S9000ES driving the Headroom gear. Another new member, Akui, who sponged up so much information. He's already modding his gear. Go DIY!!! aNOTHER new member!!! wittyzTH. I was happy to see him here as his ride to the meet was quite compromised from the heddfy outage. Andy (HerrBlau) blazed in and quickly set up his desktop machine. Looks all profesisonal-like down to the pen! Zhalou, too! Here's Joshatdot's buddy K. What a guy. The wisecracker with a totally straight face. He's all fly here... But once he tried a few different pairs, he fell into a trance... Welcome to the dark side, K! Aren't you wondering what's on that monitor? I was... The ATH-ESW9. I had a short listen with these and definitely liked them. The bass was surprising and I didn't expect to hear that much! Andy with the pimped-out desktop. And...Andy lost in the wonderful world of the pimped-out desktop. I definitely liked this amp. Yet another new member. I will admit I am terrible with names. If you are here reading this, uhm...please let me know your name so I can post here! I was impressed with this guy, though. He went straight to the DIY stuff, and began asking lots of questions about my Pimeta. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have another DIY'er in our midst! Excellent! Okay, and the fourth of five (5, count 'em) new members. Geez! Very cool! I was totally jazzed (you could say, bhjazzed) that these new people were there. Excellent! Mike...motherone. I understand Mike has, at any one time, something like 58 projects going at once (well, that's what I heard, anyway. My ears might have been ringing at that point). Still, he's got to be the DIY king of Seattle! here are two shots of Mike's table. The wood paneled units are the Millett Max, and the original Millett. Nice work! And finally, just to prove that, just because the last two Seattle meets have been in libraries, we're not a bunch of wimps! I'll never forget K's story about when he met Josh. The fact that he TOLD this story in a crowded restaurant just a few feet from other tables full of families proves the cajones on this guy. Hilarious.
  6. I'm ready for the task, regular meet or mini. This one was a total rush for me! \/\/00t!
  7. I was pretty happy with the room as well. The wood walls kept the room a bit quieter than a room that size could get. Nice tweak....! As the room was empty when we arrived, whenever people showed up we just pulled a new table out. We might save time and get a handle on space better if we just get the tables out first. I think Mike and Andy would have liked that. As for a start time, I completely agree: we should start earlier and end later. I did not get enough time to sit and listen! I see this as positive growth...
  8. Hell yes! Here is what I saw at 12:20. And the boxes were mine!
  9. You're here! Excellent! I'll get my pics processed and up.
  10. Another transfer over from the 'fi. Definitely sounds bad over there. On the bright side, I just saved a ton of money on my car insurace!
  11. BBQ? With a faceplate??? COOL!!!
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