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  1. bhjazz

    Dead JFETs?

    Craig, thanks for the confirmation. I appreciate it. They are currently in-circuit, so that could mean they are storing a charge somewhere and staying open. I had suspected the diode-like properties had gone away, which prompted my post. I'll remove them from the circuit for testing and if they are, indeed, burned out, I would have to replace them anyway. Thanks again.
  2. bhjazz

    Dead JFETs?

    I have a pair of 2n5457/5458 JFETs on a small board as part of a bias scheme for a 12AX7. The circuit also has a 9v battery. I cannot get the voltage dialed down, so I checked the JFETs. The resistance from gate to source (and gate to drain) read the same in both directions: roughly 1k ohm. These are dead, aren't they?
  3. bhjazz

    Merry Christmass & Happy Holidays!

    Happy Krampus Day!
  4. bhjazz

    Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread

    I'm working on a Larocco prototype right now. I'm getting down to final assembly and realized that the Alps pot has a 20mm shaft, but it's going through a 10mm front panel. Most knobs have the set screw at 10mm so I think i'm guaranteed it will fall off at first use. Q1: Does anyone know of knobs (EDIT: that aren't fugly) which have the set screw at less than 10mm? Q2: This sounds hokey, but is anyone aware of a way to extend the shaft 5mm? If not, I suppose I'll have to drill out the inside of the panel to regain a few mm. Thanks.
  5. bhjazz

    CH Precision C1 DAC

    By the time 4 years rolls around digital formats will change, so...at that point the C1 will probably cost 60k.
  6. bhjazz

    Android 5 + Headamp Pico

    Cable done tonight and working great with the Onkyo Android player. Thanks again, Justin!
  7. bhjazz

    The official Head Case broadcast thread

    Tuned in as well. This is working nicely with the Cabernet Franc.
  8. bhjazz

    postjack welcomes new headcase members thread

    So posty's forum is like Zombo.com?
  9. bhjazz

    The Knuckledragger 3rd Memorial Slow Forum Post

    3rd from the right somehow looks like David Byrne.
  10. Closest I can think is a version of what Colin was talking about You could use a NUC to run daphile and likely to store you content as well, then just basic wifi to get to the UI. I realize you said you didn't want any network connectivity. Still, I've been playing with daphile and it's pretty cool. daphile
  11. bhjazz

    Android 5 + Headamp Pico

    Very cool info, Justin. I have a cable I can hack, so thank you!
  12. bhjazz

    And now what did you do TODAY?

    I just burned my finger (big time) with my solder iron. Respect for iron reset. Happy 4th.
  13. bhjazz

    Android 5 + Headamp Pico

    Android 5 finally allows USB audio out. It was available in various forms on Samsung products, but is now baked directly in to Lollipop. In attempting to connect my Pico dac/amp directly (no hub) to my Lollipopped Galaxy S5, I am unable to send the digital audio out to the dac. The Onkyo app actually has a setting for USB Audio, but the phone just hangs and shows no love. I've had my Pico for years now, so maybe I need a newer version? Most googling sends me to the other site or to Korean sites with posts about other dacs. Google is not my friend. Justin - is this something you are familiar with? Is there a way to update my beloved Pico?
  14. bhjazz

    Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread

    Nice. I actually have my eye on a power supply at Parts Express as well.