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  1. Talked to dealer today. He says all he has to go by is a Prime warranty card which reads 3 years. Will call VPI tomorrow. 😐
  2. Neutral, LOL. Reminds me of a cartoon in some audio mag back in the day. Guy buying speakers and salesman says, "And as a special feature, when you reach age 70 we send out a serviceman to remove the tweeters." It does almost seem this cable pair is out of phase, though. Interesting comment, Nate. Gonna think about that some more. Anyway, did Nate's tests last night, found nothing out of place. Joints good, no crossed wires. They look good. The only thing I noticed was that the shield was connected to the plug on the source ends. I don't think I really need that but read up
  3. Yeah, something is toast. I'll give those tests a try. Thanks, Nate!
  4. I'm not advocating overpriced cables. I've read the audio mags reasoning for Tara Labs and some others and wonder how materials and magic secret build techniques can make something cost so much. On the other hand I have lots of inexpensive cables here and for many reasons, they have little synergy with my system. But I've used this pair of cables in two completely different systems and both times they sound very bland. Something isn't right. Since I never sleep on Sunday nights, this very thing went through my head. I don't think it's the cable length because I have a 1M p
  5. Nate made me double-check WBT and he is right: no xlr. Thanks for that. Also I pasted in the wrong model number which should have been NC3FXX-B (and the M model) so I know how I threw him off. Sorry! To me it's not amazing claims I need to accept, but my own ears. No ghosts in my system. 😉
  6. I have a pair of DH Labs Pro Studio interconnects. Bought the parts back in...I dunno maybe 2012. I have Neutrik NC4MXX XLR plugs. Just realized the pins are gold plating over brass. The cables are 7 meter since my rack o' gear is to my right and the amps are in between the speakers. In short, I hate these cables. The high end is dry and bland/rolled off. Sometimes if I crank the system up to 11 I can forget their ills. I think they truly like that much power because they sound a bit better. Otherwise, at evening listening levels I still hate them. But try to go find another set th
  7. Heeeeeere's the latest news with Action News correspondent BH. Good Evening. The current price list (as of today) for SOTA packages: eclipse package: $750 total eclipse package: $1100 SOTA motor pod for VPI: $450 (and you still need a motor package) current price for converting VPI motor pod for SOTA BLDC motor: 250 + 50 plate = $300 pulley - if you need the 1.5" pulley - $50 (doesn't seem likely, though) And just to think this one all the way out: std eclipse package with sota motor pod: 750+450 = 1200 ttl eclipse package with sota motor pod: 1100+450
  8. Right! This cost is in addition to the Eclipse package(s).
  9. I agree. You never know unless you ask. BTW, on the vpiforum I learned SOTA will update a current VPI motor pod to accept the BLDC motor. For around $300 I think. Not sure. Haven't had confirmation from SOTA yet.
  10. I took the motor pod apart and found Model PA, P/N SP4007. Google mentions that this is the equivalent Hurst part number you mentioned. 300 RPM. Thanks! Looks like it is a whopping $98 through Hurst. However, I am wondering if I will be replacing that part again in another two years. I'll toss that around in my head. I really blame the single bearing and wish they had a hotrod version of this motor with top and bottom sealed grade 10 tungsten ball bearings. And flashing lights. And a flamethrower. I like your BLDC motor project. Man, those links to diyaudio.com always end up poin
  11. Thanks! I'm in for replacing the motor. I suppose all I need is a location where to get them and the model number. I'd like to know more about the motor/controller/tach DIY project. This might be a good route for me as well. What language is the software in?
  12. Okay, Marc: I have not yet hit the buy button. Are you thinking I could just replace the motor myself? Or do you have better plans? Thanks! I've sent email to Audioquest regarding the Delos rebuild but they have not yet responded. Y'know, at what point do we begin mocking companies for not having a business continuity plan for a 1-year-old pandemic?
  13. I'm feelin' Al's pain this week. "Analog can be frustrating." Bought a VPI Prime back in 2017 while on vacation in San Diego (not even as a whoops...I planned the trip that way.) The dealer, Stereo Unlimited, was...ok... to deal with. The sales guy was a boob and the owner was as well. Still, I was hungry for the 'table, so there it was. No dealers near Seattle at that time. FFWD to 2019, I jump on the vpiforum to figure out how to do some general maintenance. There is some 120Hz motor hum and I'm thinking something needs some work. I do the maintenance and never really get rid of
  14. The soundtrack clip - wow. Can't get through it tonight, though. Too beautiful.
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