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  1. Nate, this is for you for the upcoming La Nina winter. $2600 Meyer Home Plow
  2. Thanks, Nate. Trying to swap one insanity (at work) for another (HC).
  3. Headamp's product page has a small blurb about a new future product. pico POWER Portable Amp Coming in the future. Powerful like a desktop amp, small like a Pico. Recommended for hard to drive headphones. Are there more information available in meet threads and such?
  4. Speaking of the Eames chair and ottoman, I wonder how these Davone Ray speakers would look in the same room with the chair. Linked from Gizmodo's article Davone Ray Speakers Look Like Eames Chairs For Ears.
  5. Thanks, Fungi. I just found a thread on HP's support forum where someone asked about replacing the video card. Basically, "The recommended graphics card for the dc7800 is an nVidia 8440 and it must be a low profile." I'll take a look at your suggestions. @Dusty I was hoping the HP could be upgraded to perform better than my current nVidia 8800 GT based system. Trying to upgrade mass market PCs is a PITA (I had to replace the PS in order to install the 8800 GT card in my current Dell PC)... maybe it's just time to put together a HTPC in a audio component looking case with gamer specs tha
  6. I have a HP PC with a 365W power supply, and I want to upgrade the video. The system currently has a single HD and a single DVD drive. The CPU is an Intel Core 2 Quad. How do I figure out whether the system can handle the power requirements of a video card? I'm looking to spend $120-$170 on a video card -- a middle of the pack gaming performer. I'm looking at Radeo HD 5750 cards and some nVidia cards. I also found an interesting fanless Gigabyte GeForce 9800 GT card. Quiet performance is always good. But as I read the product specs on newegg for various video cards, I see many cards requ
  7. Kelvin, where did you go to get your molds made?
  8. A couple of years ago, SK138 also recommended the M^3 for the W5000. He described the experience as nearing HA5000 synergy but for lot less money.
  9. Makes sense to me. I mean, in general, aren't the effects of burn-in supposed to decrease or minimize the bad stuff (e.g., sibilance) and refine or add to the good (e.g., greater clarity, transparency, increase soundstage, tighten the bass etc.)? I don't have any feelings about burn-in one way or the other, as I've never done it. I'm too lazy and impatient to burn-in my gear and not smart enough to remember what the stuff sounded like 400 hours ago compared to now to make any meaningful evaluations. To paraphrase Ali, "Burn-in? If that's good, I'm it."
  10. Since you like the HD650, I can see why you have issues with the treble on the DT990. I found the HD650 sound to be too dark for my taste and prefer the HD600. I've never heard the DT990 Pro, so can't say anything about that. I have both the 250 and 600 ohm '05 DT990, and maybe I'm not using the right gear or there's too much wax in my ears but I have difficulty telling them apart if I'm not listening carefully. They sound very similar to my ears. The 600 ohm Manufaktur model offers a slight tweaking of the 250 ohm version's sound, but I don't hear anything that would justify the difference
  11. I just bought some Maple syrup using HC's Amazon link. There's a good sale going on right now (50% off). Organic Maple Syrup 32oz Jug, $13 shipped at Amazon(Simple the best Syrup in the World!) This price is below Costco Brands Price. 5 Days Left! - SlickDeals.net Forums Any thoughts on HC subscription? How about a raffle of donated items?
  12. woot! Happy birthday from one sixty-niner to another!
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