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  1. currently looking at: Electro Harmonix 6922 Gold Telefunken ECC88 O-getter Bugle Boy ECC88 and the only ECC99 JJ Electronics tube for the driver position. anyone have any experience with the above?
  2. Anyone have any good combos they would like to recommend? Currently using Russian 6N6P as driver and Sylvania 6922 as output and a EZ80 in the power supply
  3. but note that you can never use basses on guitar amps. they go boom. but guitar pickups on basses, now thats sweet.
  4. need some opinions on new pickups. i am currently looking at the bill lawrence J-45s and the villex V2JSC. i have heard and played the J-45s but not the V2JSC. anyone that have heard both give some feedback?
  5. dunhill frost. cigs are fucking expensive here.
  6. Im not sure if im right. But if i choose housing profile 1, which has only 4 L brackets. I have to do all the sides manually?
  7. Im making this for my friend who is deaf in one ear. Its my first time making one of these and i would like to confirm that the wiring would be as follows IL1 IL2 IG IR1 IR2 on the input side then on the output side would be OL1 OR1 OG OL2 OR2? Sorry to ask such a newbie question but i would really like to make this work for him so that he can enjoy good music.
  8. nice. but i dont understand. Im looking at the order program. and it states $6.14 for housing profile 1. is that the full price? or do i have to order something else?
  9. I did a front panel and i want to order a case with it. I opened the order program and selected the Housing Profile 1. It only allows me to define the length. Does that mean FPE will follow the width and height of my front panel? Is that the true price of the casing? Anyone tell me how to get the case? I'm exploring my options. I have lots of solid wood and i was thinking of casing my b22 with it but im worried about the heat dissipation. I've been putting the casework off for a long time and i want to finish it before the bijou comes.
  10. me and my 4 friend drank a bottle of martell vsop and vodka. in 4 hours. playing bluff with 1 deck. that was some high level of bluff playing there (or we were pissed drunk). i reached home and got to bed but i couldnt sleep somehow. probably due to us mixing the vodka with gassy drinks. i forced myself to puke and finally got to sleeping. but...then again it was already 6.30am and it was time to go to work. and here i am at bloody work. gonna be a full day for me.
  11. WoW! Level 75 Tier 6 Epic Hammer. The Kevin Gilmore Hammer.
  12. by shit i meant this. 'i decided to let my creative juices flow'
  13. i know this is over but i couldnt sleep (insomnia) and i decided to draw some shit.
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