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  1. Hey Kerry - Just wondering, what motorised encoder/pot are you using? I tried googling the # on the sticker, but didn't turn up anything >< Putting my BOM for the boards together now Thanks mate. edit: I’m going with this one in case anyone else is interested, https://au.mouser.com/ProductDetail/688-RK16812MG099
  2. I got a set of two boards I’m planning to build soon - too many projects but this has come back on the radar
  3. Long time lurker here but thought I’d creep out and say hope you enjoy your retirement Tyll, you were one of the few voices I trusted in this space. Thank you for all your hard work
  4. Yah same. Still going strong. Think the Hakkos are more popular in Oz.
  5. I finally got round to changing gain on my Toshiba sand dynahi (2 years in the making?). Changed feedback resistors to 51k - sounds oh so good.
  6. Hey soren, did you manage to ship my package too? Just noticed there's no "shipped" status next to my name in the sheet that's all Thanks again for organising this GB.
  7. Hey Soren, just checking on the update of my 'order' - noticed you've shipped a few already Thanks.
  8. Yeh haven't been able to find some professional reviews - I'll keep digging around. I think the brand is fine, just not sure what caveats there are with mid-level bikes. Seems as though at this level, carbon bikes might not provide good value - too many sacrifices made in order to include a carbon fibre frame to hit price points. I might have to stretch the budget a bit more (as usual)...
  9. Hey all, What do you guys think about the Merida Ride 3000, Scultura 4000 series of bikes? I currently have a Merida T3 that I bought a few years ago - basically serves as a commuter bike. I ride daily to and from work, roughly 26 km a day - and I'm in quite a hilly neighbourhood. I don't really ride outside of commuting. I've probably ridden over 3,000 km over the past 2 years I've had the bike and think it's time for an upgrade. I'm not super passionate about cycling (as I am about audio gear) so I'm not really sure what I should be looking for in a mid-level roadster. I'm thinking carbon fibre just because of all the hills in my neighbourhood. Discussions here also suggest disc brakes are the way to go, so I'll probably include that in my considerations too. The most I could afford now is probably around $2k Aussie-D. Edit: Some links: http://www.99bikes.com.au/bike15-merida-ride-disc-3000-silk-ud-light-grey-blue http://www.99bikes.com.au/bike15-merida-scultura-4000-white-black-silver I bought my original bike from this place and basically went to their site, filtered on carbon road bikes and sorted by price >< http://www.99bikes.com.au/bikes?bike_options=1336&cat=91&dir=asc&order=price
  10. Hey Soren, just sent you an email confirming Head-case ID, Paypal email address and shipping address. Just in case it ends up in your junk, yes I'm Jodi
  11. Hey Spritzer, just wondering, what do you mean by this? Is it a gain/stability issue to use a pot of say, 50K? Reason I ask is I'm interested in understanding what effects volume pot resistances have on amps - some people say it makes a difference, others say doesn't matter. I've had to replace quite a few old amps that have had 20 K input pots with 50 K ones just because I couldn't source any of the original ones...
  12. Saw a great post on this on DIYA a few weeks ago: 1215 Think this guy's recommendation is similar to Spritzers...
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