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  1. thuytn

    KG Balanced Dynahi build discussion thread

    I am working on a Dynahi version with onboard TO-220 heatsinks. One amp board works fine. The other one is having problem with DC offset. It’s stuck at around 112mV, and I can’t get it down to zero. 😕 I’m using the 2sc3381/2sa1349 instead of the THAT340. Voltage drop on 10R resistor is 370mV which is accept for the onboard one. Any suggestion on how to zero the offset? Thanks!
  2. thuytn

    blue hawaii build transormer and psu questions.

    James, I’d love to have a look at the gerber. Also from the amp board, I can’t find the 470r resistors connected to G2. From what I saw from others’ builds, looks like there’s a newer revision.
  3. thuytn

    blue hawaii build transormer and psu questions.

    Is this the board you are looking at? I'm also thinking of having some boards made but notice the PZTAs are in to-220 package, not to-92 or smd. Probably there is a newer revision but I couldn't find it until now. I'm also interested in a dual rails single board GRHV with soft-start.