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  1. @RudeWolf How did you adjust the input trimpot? Also, what’s the part number of the 47uf ceramic cap on the CFA3 are you using? Great looking build, btw. I’m thinking of building the CFA3 with shorter heatsinks (300mm).
  2. Great guide, thanks! What's the value of C1,C2 are you using?
  3. The resistors sparked to the ground plane. I spent a good whole day elevating all of them. Also fixed the PSU, all voltages are ok now. (*wheww) Now back the amp section, the same thing happened. I couldn’t get the trimmers as low as 6.55V. Same as 740V. The LED at +500V didn’t lit. I wonder if the sparkling to ground plane affected the board itself?
  4. So I swapped out the parts and fooled around with the trimmers, got all the batteries dialed correctly, offset was ~10V. Plugging the headphones and got sound! My Carbon definitely felt threatened. This was at 2am and I was both excited and sleepy, listened to it for a bit and turned off the amp. Next morning when I got it up again, some resistors in the amp sparked. Looks like I didn’t elevate them high enough 😕 Also the +250v rail went bad and couldn’t regulate, outputting +320v now. Been checking around but still couldn’t find the culprit. I wonder what would be the root of this?
  5. Yes, I couldn’t get them down any lower... Will remeasure the points when I power it up again, for now I’m kissing goodbye the K216s... these rare and expensive sands.. damn
  6. So I have been working on the T2 for a couple months. Yesterday I got the PSU up and running on first power up, no issue. Now moving on to the amp section, I got stuck at the usual place, batteries. Using Kerry’s adjustment, on one of the batteries, I could only get down to 7.43V on the 22K resistor, 784V on battery, 13V offset. Another one got stuck at 806V but with 470V offset! 😕 Nothing smokes. What should I do first to check?
  7. For something a little better than the RK27, the TKD 2CP-601 is a good one.
  8. Joachim, Is the FJPF2145 a direct replacement for the 2SC3675 in the original T2? My stock on the 2SC3675 has been running low, would love to have some alternatives.
  9. Agreed. I actually much prefer the Dynalo than the Dynahi with “medium” headphones like the Utopia and HD800S. Way more relaxing.
  10. I used 50K/5pf for 7x gain which is very suitable for my Utopia. Don’t think I ever need a higher gain.
  11. I use the el cheapo iFi Zen DAC ($129) to feed my Dynalo/Dynahi/Megatron/Carbon with satisfactory result. Providing a healthy 4Vrms, it can also works as a preamp. You need to build a custom 4.4mm-XLR cable though. It’s hard to believe I can get that many features from a commercial product for such a low price.
  12. Sounds like out of phase problem. Check wiring.
  13. Michael, Could you revise my order to just 5x mini-T2 and no psu? My friend backed out so I think 5 is enough for me. Thanks again!
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