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  1. Please check the 5pf cap, the one I received was way too large. I am not sure if this has already been corrected? This P/N works: 75-561R10TCCV50 Thanks
  2. Boards to Canada were shipped today 10/2/2015
  3. Boards to US recipients were mailed on Monday.
  4. mwl168 please update the Mouser project and spreadsheet for the 100uf/25v cap. The lead spacing should be 3.5mm not 5mm. The following Mouser part should work: 647-UFG1E101MPM. Also, 3N254 was not listed. This part should work: 625-3N254-E4/51
  5. Here is a link to a Mouser project I have created for the Carbon v5 board. I think it is 95% there, please make suggestions if incorrect. Note, this project BOM is per board so, you would need to order 2 for the complete amp. http://www.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?AccessID=8c916f3d74
  6. FT Cap will be mailing me two sample caps with the same pin out and diameter for testing against the production boards from mwl168. If those fit correctly, production will commence.
  7. The Carbon v5 PCBs have been designed to accommodate the FT Cap 4-pin layout. I worked with Kevin on this a few weeks ago. Please check the gerber files. Yes, this is a standard snap-in cap with 2 extra pins to provide additional support. I am not technical enough to explain the pros or cons of the other designs. But, you do have a choice.
  8. Preliminary spec sheet for the 680uf capacitor is attached.
  9. Nope, the higher voltage of 550v requires either a larger diameter or more height. Since, the diameter is a max of 40mm, we are stuck. I had the same thoughts of a 2U chassis, but that won't work for the FAT PSU board mounted horizontal. Sorry.
  10. Yes, the 680uf/550v capacitor from FT Cap is a special order capacitor. I have been working them for 2-3 weeks to convince them to do it. I am not in a position to state that Mundorf gets their capacitors from FT Cap and we need to be careful with that type of information. FT Cap has been in business for a long time and I have ordered many cases of caps from them over 5-6 years and never had a problem with one of them. Thanks.
  11. I have a few PCB sets available for this amp, US $75 plus shipping. The boards were made by PCBnet in the US, 0.093" thick with 4 Oz copper. The set is three PCBs (Megatron amp board, KGSSHV PSU board and one Stax jack PCB). To be clear, this is not the latest Megatron that Kevin posted on Oct 22nd. These were made two weeks before.
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