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  1. Hi Sbelyo. I have a Bottlehead S.E.X. with switches for output impedance. My HE-560 and HE-6SE V2 sound best off it at the 4 ohm output impedance setting. It's rated at 2 watts per channel. At higher impedance settings they sound muffled. Your other 2 cans may sound great out of your pair of transformers.
  2. Thank you Pars and ibuski for the replies. Greatly appreciated, and I found them in stock.
  3. MJW21193/4/5/6 are all 40 to 58 weeks out now. I want to build it much sooner. I can find one at a place to order, but not the mating one. Can MJL21193/4/5/6 (which are also scarce) be used? Or something else for the pass transistors? Or does someone know of a hidden stash somewhere? Thanks. Sorry, I just noticed some alternatives that could be used on the part sourcing thread.
  4. Hi Guys. I'm starting a GRLV build for a Dynalo. I've found a set of pcb's, but I'm finding it difficult to find MJW21193 & MJW21194 transistors. MJW21195 and MJW21196 for replacements are 40+ weeks out at Mouser. I haven't found any elsewhere. Does anyone know where I could source some or a suitable alternative? Thanks.
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