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  1. The Headcase Stax thread

    What is wrong with the measurements we took at Ali-pacha's place is the distorsion. A few measurements exhibit "normal" distorsion but a lot don't seem correct. that's why it could be interesting to redo them. That been said, amateurish measurements like mine are not that accurate in term of distorsion, the only thing I can see and show is when things are really wrong. not subtleties. so incorrect distorsion plots in my measurements don't matter much imo. When I decided to measure Stax headphones, i did a choice and make the coupler in order to ensure the best seal. In my opinion it's better to have consistent results even of the hypthesis is not easy to reproduce IRL. at least I can show when the headphone is leaky by design ( 007 mkII vs MKI for example or le L700 I had on loan) . measnurements made with improper seal just teach us nothing else than "OK , the seal is bad" . Another issue with Stat headphones is the "null" we can see here or there in measurements. When the seal is good, those null are stronger and could be misinterpreted by idiots as FR issues whereas those are measurements issues. We all know how to know IRL on our own head what is the effect of a good ( strong fart for example) and broken seal ( boomy mid bass ) . my 2 cents.
  2. Sennheiser HD 800 Redux

    No, no ebay for me and you're free to buy whereever you want. i'm not offended at all if i didn't want people to make them, I wouldn't have released it under CC-by-SA license. Open source is just something I appreciate and promote and I much prefer people who respect it . that's it
  3. Sennheiser HD 800 Redux

    Sorry but I don't sell them on ebay. Direct sale only for anyone who asks From what I remember, there are two ebay offers. One in the US and one in Italy. Please, make me a favor and avoid and don't promote the Italian one. He didn't respect the CC-by-SA license and didn't credit me nor linked to the orginal thread on SBAF. The US seller did respect the license Glad you're enjoying the mod though.
  4. The Headcase Stax thread

    @defQon : what is "IPA" ?
  5. The Headcase Stax thread

    @n3rdling : most of it yup. Already thought to that but for example the screws I can see are covered with glue. I can take the time to scrape that properly but I wonder if a product could help to make it perfectly clean.
  6. The Headcase Stax thread

    Hello, I have a good ol' SR202 at home and I want to change the pads. I already pulled off the old pads and removed the old double sided tape but there's still a lot of thick sticky glue I struggle to remove. I tried acetone and no success thus far. I would like to do it properly and clean the cup before to apply the new double sided tape and the new pads. What method/product do you suggest usually?
  7. Sennheiser HD 800 Redux

    Oops. Sorry . French bad english spotted
  8. Sennheiser HD 800 Redux

    Yea. Someone who takes profit of the idea. I myself propose to make them for anybody who don't want to to do it themselves. http://superbestaudiofriends.org/index.php?threads/superdupont-resonator-summary-and-interest-check.1558/ Last words for me about this mod. I don't want people think I'm here to promote my business.
  9. Sennheiser HD 800 Redux

    @torpedo : I tried a bunch of foam tips . not Silicon one. issue was mostly than results was a bit all over the place. Depending on the cut and the fit , the results could differ quite significantly. that's why I understood it was a kinf of dead end. I began then to experiment a few things that's more in line with the current SDR. When I achieved my goal to have something that looks almost "HD800S like" with the current state of the mod, I stopped to experiment anything else. That's was "enough" for me. the SDR works specifically on the 5-6khz range. Other mods induce different "benefits . all worth a try imo although I personaly use only a SDR. I'm fine with the result for what I listen to mostly.
  10. Sennheiser HD 800 Redux

    Compared to the half Shure tip you mean ? Definitely yes. The shure tips behaves imo as any damping material, you tames the peak but you tame the whole treble including Frequencies below 4khz. It's not that much a benefit Imo. With the SDR which acts more as a true resonator, you absorbs specifically 5-6khz but the 4khz remains untouched ( at least on masurements I trust) . It's much more useful imo because i consider the issue is the gap between 4 and 6 khz . Stock gap is around 15db measured on a flat coupler ( it does not mean it accurately represents what we hear IRL but at least it's a reference point) whereas the gap on the HD800SD is reduced to 10-12db. Here are my own measurements : Yellow is HD800SD, Red HD800 , Green HD800S . Please take these measurements with a grain of salt , they're very amateurish. By the way , the mod does not use cork
  11. Sennheiser HD 800 Redux

    Positive comments about the Superdupont mod I created.
  12. Sennheiser HD 800 Redux

    Thks for the positive comments guys.. much appreciated
  13. srx revisited

    Sorry I forgot to mention the 727 was indeed modded. My bad. @JimL Thks for your positive comment on our thread dedicated to Stax measurements. I just need to add to take them with the grain of salt. Distorsion plots aren't accurate due to some calibration issues. I should redo them to do justice to all headphones measured. but we're off topic here.
  14. srx revisited

    Hey there, I'm not that much well know down there on Head-Case. Suscribed a few times ago , I never posted and I'm use to lurk only. @JimL asked me to give some impressions about the srx+ i commissionned to a reputable builder a few month ago and received in last october. So here am I. First of all , let me give you a few elements about where I come from. I'm a french hobbyst ( that explains my average english and I apologize for that) involved in personal audio since 2012. I began with a Koss Porta pro from my Laptop and now my reference system is a Schitt Yggdrasil , a DNA Stratus , a Sennheiser HD800 (modded with the mod I created last year to make a HD800 sound a bit more like a HD800S : the Superdupont Resonator maybe a few people know here ) and an Old sennheiser HE60 driven by the SRX+ we're talking about in this thread. Actually , even if I'm a HD800 nut , I appreciate a lot Electrostatic headphones i discovered with a classic combo SR303 + SRM323. I owned or listened carefully almost all Stax including vintage ones but despite their excellent sound , I still prefer the HE60 I bought one year ago. My preference usually goes more to brighter/clearer sound sig hence the fact my Favorite Stax is the SR009 followed by the lambda Signature. I'm listening mostly to Jazz ( modern jazz mostly from 90s to nowadays) , Classical and Electronic music. Not much Rock/Pop. You can check my head-fi profile if my whole pedigree matters for you. so.. SRX+ . here's a pic of mine : The Builder choosed to insert a Blue Hawai Power Supply , an Antek transformer, an alps RK27 potentiometer and mundorf mcap supreme capacitors . I asked him to respect a size ( especially depth) because i had some rule to respect in my living room. . I'm delighted by the quality of this build and the look and feel offered by this amplifier. I choosed this amplifier because @n3rdling told me it could maybe a great and very valuable choice. I trust Milos so I took the plunge. I'm not that much a tube roller. I bought a quad or french NOS Laradiotechnique 12AT7 and a pair of NOS GE but replaced it lately by a pair of 6SNGTB Chrome top Sylvanias and they improved the sound ( tighter , clearer , more transparent) significantly . I had a trip in US in november and went to San Francisco and LA to meet US hobbyists. I brought this SRX+ with me and it seems listeners enjoyed it a lot . I didn't take myself enough time to compare to well known contenders ( Especially n3rdling's BHSE for example) though. We met a few guys from head case. @blubliss I think and another guy I don't remember the name. Sorry. So... When @JimL asked me to give impressions , i wasn't convinced to be able to provide valuable informations. Fortunately, a meet was organized in France at @Ali-Pacha 's place last week. Ali-pacha already allowed me to listen and measure his huge stable of Stax headphones last year and a BHSE joined his stable recently. It was the perfect opportunity for both of us. We added a SRM-727 (usual feedback mod done) in the shootout to have a more affordable contender. We used my HE60 and the two Stax Omega (007mkI and 009) to do our listening sessions. During the first sessions i was unable to detect any difference between amplifiers and it was the sign my ears wood... too tired and I had a 2nd sessions during Day 2 of our meet. Let's go straight to the conclusion : the modded SRM-727 is not in the same league than the two others and the SRX+ is a true bargain in E-stat world. First Session was with my HE60 I know well and at least much better than the two Staxes. HE60/BHSE is truly a match made in heaven. I love my HE60 but I know well his flaws : it's kinda brightish and sometimes, with a few recordings, it's borderline unbearable. Bass can be punchy but still too diffuse/soft by today standards, mids are wonderful but compared to Milos HE90 clone, they're undoubtly a tad colored (in a good way but still) and overally the HE60 show a bit his age with a kind of slightly "vintage" soft sound. It's really obvious when compared to modern headphones. Nevertheless, it's a superb headphone I love to use for a few genre and when I want a change of pace from my HD800SD. The BHSE with its kinda cold uber-technical abilities and its slam/power makes the Senn sounds younger that it really is. The low end expecially is clearly improved with much more tightness down low and an overally cleaner, more controlled, more focused sound. The Baby Orpheus gains some 009 qualities but still with the typical Senn Stat sound and still that extremely good staging that offers both a good sense of focus and a lot of air hence the feeling of cohesive but endless staging. In one word, BHSE/HE60 is still HE60 but better everywhere. Think to a hand (the HE60) and its glove (the BHSE). Considering how BHSE and HE60 works well together, there's no surprise here : my SRX+ (I bought it especially for my HE60) can't compete and the Senn sounds noticeably more blurry and kinda soft/ limp dick on the SRX+. Let's be honest, it's still good enough for me but compared to the BHSE, the loss is significant. No surprise here. For my personal use it's not that bothersome because I use mostly my HE60 when i'm listening to intimate vocals, chamber music and that kind of music. For Orchestral, EDMs I always choose my HD800. HE60/SRM 727 . No need of long comparison here. the 727 does not play in the same league. The immediate feeling of congestion struck me immediately. Something broken/dead in the sound as well whereas the two other amplifiers let the headphone breath naturally. Maybe something warmish but still steely/grainy in the treble in the tonality was a showstopper as well. I didn't expect so much difference to be honest, even more if we consider I already heard the 727/HE60 combination and it sounded OK to my ears. But compared to the SRX+ and even more the BHSE, the story wasn't the same ... Summary for HE60 : BHSE >>> SRX+ >>>>>>>>> 727. if the HE60 was my main headphone, I'd order a BHSE right now. Second session with the SR009. OK , BHSE/009 is a known association and I won't be long . Sounded really good, clean, a tad cold, very technical to the point of maybe some sharpness but I see how performing is the combo. Seems the Midrange shout that usually bothers me with all Stax headphones is well controlled though. Good pairing but not as special as the HE60/BHSE one to my ears. Surprise came from the SRX+ there... Honestly I think I'd choose the SRX+ over the BHSE for the 009, especially if I wanted to use a 009 on daily basis as my allrounder. Whereas the SRX+ made the HE60 a bit too blurry, it made the excess of sharpness disappear here and the 009 sounded a tad more rounded , more "human". SRX+ / 009 offered to my ears a very balanced sound with a hint of forwardness/intimacy, a touch of warmth and overally a kinda relaxed yet fun/pleasurable presentation. Probably a very very good choice for those who listen a lot of modern music with their 009. I liked it a lot and definitely made me think more to add a 009 to my stable. I still think the BHSE is "better" in almost all point but the synergy goes to the SRX+ One more time, the 727 sounded much less good than the two others with the same flaws than with the 009. Both BHSE and SRX+ made the 009 sound more clear and crisp , more focused, tighter in all register. the main issues are congestion and Kinda loose low end I'd say. This and some grain in the treble... With the 009 I'd see the ranking as this : BHSE>SRX+>>>>>>>>>>>>> 727 . the experience made me want a 009 to associate to my SRX+ ...more than a BHSE We tried as well the 007 but I'm not familiar with this headphone. Moreover it's not my signature of choice (too mellow for me) so I prefer to let you read what @Ali-Pacha wrote about it. Overally I Still think the little and kinda cheap SRX+ is a great option for people who want a very competitive amplifier without to spend an arm and a leg. At least, Im' really really happy with my purchase. Maybe @Ali-Pacha will add some of his own impressions .