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  1. Rodeodave

    Soekris discrete R2R DAC?

    Class action coming up or what?
  2. Thanks for all the offers! Søren got me covered with boards, caps and SiC's!
  3. Does anyone have an extra set of amp and PSU (GR) boards left that they'd be willing to part with?
  4. Rodeodave

    Closed - SRX Plus board set Group Buy

    Alright, payment for international shipping sent
  5. Rodeodave

    Closed - SRX Plus board set Group Buy

    Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to receiving the boards! I'll be watching my inbox.
  6. Rodeodave

    Closed - SRX Plus board set Group Buy

    Payment sent, international shipping charge outstanding. Thank you!
  7. Rodeodave

    Soekris discrete R2R DAC?

    Here's my build of the Rev2 dam1021 that I finished over the holidays. A so called hotrodded DCB1 (~500mA CCS) provides power to the dam1021 via its shunt regs and also buffers the DAC's raw outputs. It further provides an output muting relay. The DCB1's input impedance is set to about 18k, roughly 30 times the dam's output impedance. Digital inputs are diyinhk Toslink and XMOS USB module, the latter and the dam's isolated i2c inputs are powered by a BIB 3.3V regulator (~200mA CCS). The transistors of all the regs are bolted to the chassis' bottom to spread the heat. I initially ran into problems with disrupted audio when using the XMOS USB interface, which I managed to cure by ensuring that the USB-socket's housing stayed insulated from the grounded chassis when the USB cable was plugged in. Took me a while to figure out, as I first suspected a latency issue of the operating system... The digital interconnects to the dam1021 are made from 10cm CAT5e twisted pairs. Signal interconnects are RG316/U. The dam1021 is stock for now, but I'm planning on trying different mods soon. It took me about three days to build and I really like what I'm hearing. To my ears there's a nice resolution in the bass region and the instruments' timbre is very nicely conveyed. It's very easy to listen to.
  8. Rodeodave

    Closed - SRX Plus board set Group Buy

    I would like one set of amp + PSU boards. Thanks!
  9. Rodeodave

    Part Sourcing Assistance/Advice Thread

    Where do you guys order your PCBs from? And what board material and copper thickness do you specify?
  10. Rodeodave

    KGST board sets available

    I'm interested in a set! Hope that there's still one up for grabs.