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  1. Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See
  2. While I'm personally partial to the soundtracks for the Clint Eastwood movies, few pieces of music get the emotions going like Mr. Morricone's Cinema Paradiso score. RIP.
  3. Happy birthday, Stax mafia kingpin!
  4. I know these kinds of posts can be unhelpful, but I forced the 2004 upgrade on day 1 and have had no issues. FWIW I have pretty high-end pc and I mostly just use the MS office suite, listen to music, and play games.
  5. Happy birthday, fellow oneophile!
  6. It never gets old. This one ages like fine wine.
  7. RIP to a very funny man. 98 is a great run.
  8. Nikole Hannah-Jones, the woman behind the 1619 Project, on the case for reparations for slavery. I think this piece is excellent. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/06/24/magazine/reparations-slavery.html
  9. TMoney

    Podcast Thread

    I've enjoyed Michael Lewis' Against the Rules podcast the past two seasons. If you enjoy Michael's written work, you'll be right at home. First season was on the role of referees in American society, the second season was on the role of coaches. https://atrpodcast.com/
  10. Why don't I remember this? This is amazing! Steve Jobs held a funeral for Mac OS 9 at WWDC. https://videopress.com/v/cTvJLHm8
  11. So they are really transitioning the entire mac lineup to ARM away from x86. WOW. I'll have my popcorn ready. What a gamble.
  12. TMoney

    Get your game on!

    Once again I'm just blown away by what is possible in these flagship gaming titles. The technical mastery, storytelling brilliance, art, design, music and attention to even the smallest of details all comes together to create an experience that just can't be had in other artistic mediums. What a ride The Last of Us 2 was. I came in skeptical that the game could have the impact of its predecessor, but the developers, in my opinion, have delivered a very fitting sequel to the beloved if controversial, original game. The emotional impacts were as compelling as anything I've played. To me, TLOU2 belongs in the conversation with the other prestige titles like Red Dead 2, God of War, Breath of the Wild and Death Stranding. This has been a truly amazing last few years for those of us who love games and are excited by seeing the medium pushed in new directions.
  13. Sometimes you just need a burst of concentrated happiness with all the shitty news out there. Thankfully Bob & his Wailers always deliver. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Live At The Rainbow, 4th June 1977
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