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  1. Loving these. Reznor meets Brian Eno.
  2. IMO one of the very best albums of the last decade. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
  3. Defender of the universe and damn decent fella! Happy birthday, Al!
  4. That new trackpad cover looks real nice and works with the prior gen pros. Hmmm... want it, but not sure if I want to fork over $300 for it.
  5. Rewatching Chernobyl. It is quite good a 2nd time though because you know what is happening and why in a way that isn’t clear the first time through. Also feels quite appropriate for the current situation.
  6. TMoney

    Get your game on!

    I know in the age of digital delivery we aren't supposed to be pre-ordering things anymore, but this is the easiest pre-order I've ever made.
  7. Might as well enjoy the finer things before they end up shutting down all restaurants due to this Corona crap.
  8. Stephen Malkmus - Traditional Techniques New Pavement it is not, but it is pretty good!
  9. RIP McCoy Tyner. The Coltrane Quartet ❤️.
  10. Happy birthday, Nate!
  11. This won’t be a sexy suggestion, but I found a local roastery I enjoy just by punching “coffee” in to google maps and sampling the roasteries that popped up.
  12. RIP Clive Cussler. Used to love those Dirk Pitt books on planes and vacations. Along with the Clancy stuff they are damn near ideal beach reads. Also like the Clancy stuff they probably haven't aged all that well
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