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  1. This is great analysis. Max is probably in the fastest car, but Carlos's mistakes in the first couple of corners let him by and make it much easier for him to reel in Charles 10 laps later.
  2. Happy birthday, Shelly!
  3. Arcade Fire - We Oh hell yes! These guys are one of my favorites. I can't wait to see the tour this fall.
  4. Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (Deluxe Edition) The demo versions of the songs on this deluxe edition are fun, but I'm loving the live tracks from the Tusk Tour in '79 and '80 the most. These polished studio gems sound a little rougher and a little livelier in a concert setting. https://music.apple.com/us/album/tusk-deluxe-edition/1052398476
  5. Ladies & Gentlemen - The Rolling Stones Live album from the Exile Tour. I still think Mick Taylor was the best lead guitar player they've ever had.
  6. Needed a hat to wear while I'm out hiking so I figured I'd support my boys Pierre and Yuki!
  7. Is this just a blinged-out Grado? 🤔
  8. Yes, I have shameful tastes. That being said, I'm enjoying these pop punk albums. Keep 'em coming! The sign of a solid album to me is if, after playing it, I want to throw it in to my regular rotation for a while. This one is a nice surprise.
  9. ^ The Arcade Fire set at Coachella this weekend was great and worth a watch if you can find it online! I am for sure gonna see them whenever they decide to come through on their tour.
  10. Happy birthday, Jeffy!
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