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  1. Happy birthday, Justin!
  2. Caught up on episodes 5-8 of Twin Peaks. This show is fucking nuts! I honestly have no idea what anyone must think who isn't a huge fan/very familiar with the earlier show. They are moving fast (on a million different story threads) and not slowing down for anyone. The bands at the Bang Bang to end each episode is so sick and is probably my single favorite thing about the new season.
  3. Chicago needs a rebuild of its front office. What a robbery. Levine and Dunn don't really project out to be starters, and for the two of them plus #7 they traded one of the best two-way wings in the game? Jeez. EDIT: Nice take on the trade (as usual) by Zach Lowe:
  4. Agreed. It may be Waters' best album in 30 years, but that doesn't make it that great. I was disappointed.
  5. Celebrated Father's Day with my parents in the blazing inferno. The car said 114 and may have been more accurate. I can see Stretch getting in a whole heap of trouble up here on a regular basis real soon.
  6. Happy birthday, Kerry!
  7. The plot thickens?
  8. Heck, while you are at it, check out the new iPad Pro as well! I am soooooooo happy with it. Apple has just been killing it on the hardware front lately. Yeah, their prices are high, but damn do they deliver quality hardware.
  9. My general advice to anyone is to get the base model unless you know you need/want better.
  10. A little change on the new iPad that I appreciate: they've moved the logic board on the smaller iPad Pro from the right side of the device to the center. The area surrounding the logic board gets quite warm under load, so its really nice that its moved from where you'd place your hands to a spot on the iPad that you don't touch as often. Hard to know whether this was done on purpose or if its just a serindipitous coincidence, but it is a welcome change. Before (9.7" model): After (10.5" model):
  11. Oh yes. Good lord, 120hz on a tablet feels do damn good. This thing is a monster.
  12. Much respect to the Cavs. LBJ and Kyrie are absolutely insane.
  13. Oh, Brent does not worry himself about that when he is spending other peoples' money.
  14. Just a tiny snippet of the genius level mind-games going on in the finals.