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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. RIP, Mr. Demme. Silence of the Lambs and Stop Making Sense are two of my favorite movies.
  3. Tonight is the night if the Bulls are going to have a realistic shot at taking the series. It sounds like Rondo is out and Vegas has the Celts as 7.5 favs so it is going to be tough.
  4. Oh no! Zen is one of the books that I can honestly say changed my life. Pirsig was a genius. RIP.
  5. Twitch is streaming Carl Sagan's Cosmos in honor of science week! Hell-fucking-yes!
  6. Yes, this! Disgusting practices by Mr. Dillan.
  7. John Updike - Rabbit Run I read this on my trip. Given how burnt out and listless I was feeling before I left, it seemed appropriate. Some random thoughts: Updike is a smarter man that I will ever be. He wrote this book when he was 28 and was able to change the tone of American literature. I don't know why, but being in the presence of a genius like this makes me feel like shit. Part of what makes a great writer is a great eye and keen powers of observation. Updike's skill in first seeing, then making the connections in written words that the mind makes when in deep examination is as mesmerizing as his beautiful prose. As if I, or anyone needed a reminder, Rabbit is a lesson of how we all need to be more considerate of others. When we act only at the whim of what we feel, we can cause great, lasting pain. Rabbit, Run reads like a reaction to the superficiality and repression of more animal instincts so inherent and central to mid-20th century modernism. Updike takes a deeper look and is unafraid and comfortable with bringing to light our baser, animistic desires that modernism is able to so effectively hide away. In this way, despite my love of modernism, Updike feels closer to "the truth." 5/5. I was blown away. Updike is a rightfully a literary giant and I look forward to reading the next book in the Rabbit series.
  8. HAHAHA! Greg on a bull!
  9. I am having waaaay to much fun watching Boston lose. Get em, bulls!
  10. Get your money's worth, coach!
  11. I've been using the Sennheiser Trinity (600/650/800S) with the two ECP amps Doug made for me, the DSHA-3 (work) and DSHA-4 (home).
  12. What in the heck are you talking about, man? The hobby has come quite a ways since the RS1 first came on the scene. Nuff said.
  13. RS-1? Come on, man! If the Utopia had fit me better, I'd still own it. The Utopia is a master of technicalities, though its not going to please people who like warmer/darker sounding headphones. The soundstage is also quite small. Other than that, they are magnificent.
  14. Happy birthday, Muad'Dib!
  15. The same basically applies to me, just on a smaller scale as I am a tax bracket or two below you. I'm glad its been working for you so far. And yeah Grahame, I agree that AMEX seems to be losing touch. Losing Costco was one very public outward sign of what seems to be internal malaise.