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  1. The messages as if it were speaking in tongues have me in tears. 😂
  2. How you made it another year is a mystery to us all. 🙃 Happy birthday, Br0nt!
  3. Happy birthday, Rob! Hope you are able to get outside and enjoy this lovely spring weather!
  4. Ok, boomer. 😉 On a related note, it is truly insane to me how many people exclusively get their news from social media or other algorithmic sources these days. I feel like a dinosaur still reading newspapers that I have to pay for!
  5. Couldn’t disagree more. News is the best it has ever been and there has never been more transparency from governmental entities in the US. You have to look for good sources, but they are out there. Usually not on TV.
  6. Happy birthday, Pars!
  7. People told me this was the best Star Wars thing Disney has done. I don't know. I tried. Made it four episodes in before giving up. There is a magic to the first two movies that nothing else in the franchise has really been able to recapture for me . This just isn't a sci-fi world I want to spend part in anymore, which does make me sad.
  8. This is how you make a car video. That bugatti looks insane. This was also filmed where I autocross.
  9. Holy shit. RIP Steve Albini. Only 61. Absolute fucking legend of a producer. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/05/08/arts/music/steve-albini-dead.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Albini_discography
  10. Happy birthday, Teach!
  11. TMoney


    That guy's articles rule.
  12. Right near the junction of the Skyway and the Dragon, nice! My car is similarly decorated with bug splats like the blue GT4. Comes with the territory of running these backroads!
  13. Ditto with Fallout. Bounced off the first episode and a half but now I'm on Ep. 5 and having a fun time.
  14. Happy birthday, Jeffy!
  15. Yeah, I too would have picked the fixed roof over the convertible, but a convertible popped up that had the options I want so here we are! A reviewer I like says everyone should own a convertible at least once in their lives. I'm also in California where keeping the top down most of the year is a realistic option. GTS has the same engine as the GT4, just revs to 7800 instead of 8000. Some suspension and aero changes as well but I'm going to be daily driving this thing. Also, markup on GT4s is insane. I did ride alongs in the Cayman S and GT3 RS yesterday. Maybe some day if/when I make Partner we can think about the big RS!
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