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  1. This is kind of interesting. The supply bottleneck on vinyl is so big right now that artist are having to change their creative plans to make sure vinyl is available on the release date or during their tour. "Yet there are worrying signs that the vinyl bonanza has exceeded the industrial capacity needed to sustain it. Production logjams and a reliance on balky, decades-old pressing machines have led to what executives say are unprecedented delays. A couple of years ago, a new record could be turned around in a few months; now it can take up to a year, wreaking havoc on artists’ release plans... Not even the biggest stars are immune. In an interview this month with BBC Radio, Adele, whose album “30” is due Nov. 19 — and is sure to be a blockbuster on LP — said her release date had been set six months ago to get vinyl and CDs made in time. 'There was like a 25-week lead time!' she exclaimed. 'So many CD factories and vinyl factories, they bloody closed down even before Covid because no one bloody prints them anymore.'" Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/21/arts/music/vinyl-records-delays.html
  2. Happy birthday, chalk-man!
  3. Order in for the 16". So far on paper my expectations were exceeded. We will see how it is in person hopefully next week.
  4. I too finally got out to my first show post-lockdown to see Phoebe Bridgers at the Greek in Berkeley. It was so much fun to be part of a big crowd again.
  5. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2021-10-11/mlb-rule-changes-atlantic-league-tests-tweaks-meant-to-save-baseball Fun article. The MLB knows it’s game is losing fans (too many strike outs, too few balls in play, not enough stolen bases, too many mound visits), but they are trying to fix it with experiments in the minor leagues. Examples: automated balls and strikes (thank god!), larger bases to make steals easier, moving the pitching mound back a foot or two to give batters more reaction time.
  6. If you had asked me 15-20 years ago would Grado have survived to still remain a going-concern today I'd have said "no, no chance." Here we are in AD 2021 and they are selling pokemon headphones. Annnnnnd this is why I index my investments. I can't predict the future for shit.
  7. Feels appropriate to leave this here: Pokemon x Grado collab! That is a line I never thought I'd ever write. Life is indeed stranger than fiction sometimes. https://blog.gradolabs.com/pokemon-center-grado-headphones/
  8. RIP Ray Fosse, Oakland A’s longtime broadcaster and former MLB Catcher. Ray’s broadcasts taught me to love the game. His understated dignity and professionalism was something I’ve always admired. He was always a very stark contrast with the Giants broadcasters across the bay. I still don’t forgive Pete Rose for nearly ending Ray’s career in a violent collision at home plate durning an all-star game that didn’t even count. https://www.sfgate.com/athletics/article/Ray-Fosse-former-A-s-player-TV-commentator-dies-16531377.php
  9. Went to a friend’s wedding last night. First wedding I’ve been to since COVID. So much fun.
  10. Am also waiting on 16" M1/M2/M1X/whatever to replace 2016 MBP. Soon™?
  11. After seeing the new hotness it is pretty wild going 20+ years back in time to the older gen destroyers.
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