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  1. I'm not an EDM guy normally, but this is pretty good. Avalon Emerson - DJ-Kicks
  2. Condolences, Jose and Jeff.
  3. RIP, Justice Ginsberg. One of my favorite law school professors was best friends with her husband, Marty. Both of the Ginsbergs sounded like amazing people. A trailblazing jurist who did things the right way. She will be missed.
  4. I was able to open the windows last night and air my place out. Today there is <100AQI air all over the bay area. It feels amazing to be able to spend time outside and see blue sky for the first time in a week.
  5. TMoney


    One more funny tidbit I learned while talking to a co-worker today: if you really love a hotel chain's bed, say the Marriott, Ritz, Four Seasons, etc. all of them are happy to sell their exact bed setups to you online. I don't travel enough (especially this year) to really have any particular affinity, but for the the gentleman or lady who can't get over how well they slept on a work trip or vacation then you can have that experience at home. I thought that was kind of cool.
  6. TMoney


    Last weekend was the bed, this weekend is the linens. I did a dumb thing and went to the fancy bedding store and tried stuff a bunch of stuff blind without knowing what it cost. Ouch. This is head-case.
  7. The ash "snowning" from the skies has you feeling festive? 🙃
  8. Yeah, this is so fucking weird. It is as dark here as 45 minutes or so after sunset... only it is 10:30AM.
  9. Might want to shut your windows and doors, bay area friends!
  10. Did I miss the memo? Did we somehow run afoul of the curse of the pharaohs or trigger the plagues of Egypt? The sky here is orange this morning. I've never seen anything like this. It looks like planet Arrakis from Dune. The spice must flow!
  11. TMoney


    Yeah. Such a personal taste thing but the latex just felt like the correct choice for me right away.
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