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  1. Get to de choppa! Oh wait... I mean happy birthday!
  2. That radio jingle of theirs is immortal. Your best buys are always... (pew pew pew)... at frys!
  3. TMoney

    Spotify HiFi

    Finally. Might be the beginning of the end for Tidal. Hopefully (cr)Apple Music feels they need to offer a lossless tier too to compete.
  4. I just put in an application for a two-bedroom townhome apartment a 5 minute walk from my office. I'm excited to move, and even more excited to be able to walk to work every day. Fingers crossed everything works out!
  5. Looks like they stuck the landing! Thank goodness because there was some serious tension in that room.
  6. Soccer Mommy - color theory Don't let her silly stage name fool you. She is a talented young woman. I like this one a lot.
  7. Happy birthday, Mr. Tice!
  8. Yeah, I think the move to wireless has really up-ended everything. "Good enough" wireless is so convenient that I don't think the genie is ever going back in the bottle.
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