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  1. Always want to get a laser engraver/cutter for my Stepcraft CNC rig. This seems to be a good idea. But don't know how turn the laser on (or off), via g-code?
  2. Take care of yourself first! This is just a hobby, no rush. Wish for your quick and complete recovering!
  3. Not sure which version of board do you have. I have a set of un-used, un-populated, on-board heat sinks rev. 0.61 amp boards (two) and rev. 0.9 power board. Bought as a spare set for your type of case (so sorry to hear), but the first set worked out fine for me. I have no plan to use this set at all. PM me if you want to rebuild and we can arrange something out (minimal to your favor). (Seeing that you're in Norway ad I'm in the U.S., not sure the shipping cost will kill the whole purpose)
  4. Micheal, can you add me/skooby to the PCB list: 4 x grhv, 4 x grlv78**, 4 x grlv79**, 2 x psu main board, 2 x t2 mini T2 mini board is married right, not separated (one board for both left/right chn)? Thanks for doing this, Micheal! Thank you to Kerry and Joachim for sharing the designs!
  5. May be a help to someone...I once bought a Tek 2213A at a local swap meet but got no power. Took to this gentleman: Scott Howell ([email protected]) MobileTek 7456 Eton Ave Canoga Park, CA 91303-1408 Tel: 818 346-6673 Fax: 866 872-8648 He used to work for Tektronix so he's knowledgeable on Tek. He re-capped and re-calibrated my scope. Worked great ever since! Highly recommended to repair or service Tek. I did this in 2014, not sure if he's still doing it; he's a retiree.
  6. Thumbs-up on the Metcal! Old tubes sometimes are humming too.
  7. I've bought his boards before. Just ask him which and what resistors to change to get -20V (he gave me both 1% and .1% resistor options).
  8. For RK50, email/contact Justin [email protected] I got mine from him (for a pretty good price).
  9. How do you manage the heat? Is it getting too hot (> 50C)?
  10. Bought my set of DIYT2 transformers from Richard a few months back, just tell him the Gilmore DIYT2 set (http://primroseaudio.com/transformer-designs/) *** He gave me only a single 117V primary ***
  11. Pars, the plus is Rean NYS221. That extra front recess is for a guitar strap. I think NYS2203 looks nicer. Mouser got 'em all. Yes, standard SMD board. I moved everything off-board except for the XLR inputs in the back.
  12. Thanks for all the hard works, Steve! Truly apprenciate your effort in helping DIYers.
  13. 55C sounds about right (forgot what was my bias). My Dynahi runs at about the same temp after 30 min (measured via an IR-based meter, a few degs off here and there is not a big deal). Have you checked with Steve about where he got his tranny shieldings? I run with Anteks and they seem to shield adequately. Single-box saves quite a bit of space; if run two boxes, do consider umbilical resistance.
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