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  1. I really like live accoustic stuff with teh Rs-1's. Especially the MTV unplugged sessions. I always use the Rs-1's for them.
  2. So you are enjoying them. I know you have heard them before. Doesn't the colouration bother you coming from something like the Hp-series phones?
  3. u r such a n00b. First off where's the n00b h4x0rs? Not enough swearing and worse still I can understand it. Usually when I go online playing a game I have no idea what language they are speaking. you are not l337 n00b pwn3r
  4. The Mcallister is a worthy consideration. I don't think I could do the wait time for something like the aristaeus or the es-1. I certainly need to hear it against what I am currently using to drive my headphone. Although 007t sound is adequate I find it versatility is very much appealing with it's inputs and loop thru circuitry.
  5. ken, how do you find the bass of the e500. For portable listening is it sufficient? One of my biggest worry is that it won;t have enough bass for me. You use to have the EB's. How does it compare to that?
  6. I did like that dude who modded his who felt it could take on the accuphase dp-85. I can;t wait for him though to put it up against the emm labs, dcs's and reimyo's.
  7. It funny you should say this but there are a lot of dacs from a few years ago which still would do well today. Obviously I understand that the emm labs and esoterics are very highly regarded today. But if you are willing to look for old dacs then they are very competent at todays standards with a more reasonable price. As for the Zhalou they seems to be a lot of coverage on that as well as the storm dac. Whether these are FOTM's or really as good as people say they are is hard to be certain.
  8. there are quite a few stand alone cdp's where you can use their dacs.
  9. Well maybe Mikahail could work his magic for you. Well the melos I chose because I already had it. Also seeming I was fairly happy with the core sound I didn;t feel comfy spending stupid amounts of money on the 2 channel $$$$ pre-amps. Also I still enjoy headphone listening so I need that versatility. I had considered the pre amp likes of the conrad johnsons, burmester, jeff rowlands etc. But none offer a headphone output. And to be honest I don;t even really need a pre-amp as my cdp will drive a power amp direct. But to be honest I am not that keen on the sound direct to power amp using my source. So then I decided to try the melos in pre amp duties. I am sorry the moth did not work out for you. I can imagine it sounded good with the senns. Wait a minute I have noticed you don;t have senns anymore. I have been thinking of getting a SP. But I am undecided. Having met Mikhail I would have no problems dealing with him for an amp eventually. The Question I ask myself is what would I get, Could I get a pre-amp function built in, how long would it take to build and obviously cost of the whole thing. I would like to try the Es-1. But I imagine the pre-amp built in feature would be costly to implement. I have heard an Es-1. But I would need to take a trip to the US again and get a longer audition or at least meet with mikhail to hammer out something which would be ideal for soundwise as I know he can build amps to personal taste's. Something like a 50/50 split between dynamic and refinement.
  10. There seems to a lack of amp which can do headphones and speakers all in solution one with equal aplomb. I have owned one or two of them and I find they may excel in one area but end be deficient in the other. THe problem probably lies in the fact that even though they both produce music it's in the way it is produced with is different which in end giving amp manufacturers a hard time producing a amp which excels in both areas. I myself like you have decided to go the one amp route. I have chosen the melos for this purpose. It will have to drive my headphones and drive speakers as well. It may not be the final word for this purpose but I quite like the headphone section and it preamp abilities is not to shabby either. The cary does intrigue me but I think it might not be a good choice to partner it to one of my fave headphones. The moth is an interesting prospect like the cary. Would you care to go into more detail why it did not work out for you? I am open to both the pluses and negatives of the amp. If you rather do this via PM you know where I am. Good luck in your search Ken.
  11. Can you ask Mikhail to turn it into a pre-amp? So that way it could be part of a 2 channel front end if you like the sound it gives you? I am sure something could be discussed between you. It would be good to hear how you got on with the L3k's and K1k's. I have never heard a set of K1k's.
  12. Heh you going to be ampless again So ampless one knowing you that you are a fussy old git how is that mpx3 working out for you? Is it everything you hoped for in a tube amp?
  13. Elnero>It looks pricey. Please post impressions on it when you recieve it. They do a silver version don;t they?
  14. This is suppose to be about the b52 amp or whatever it's called. I didn not come to read about mikhail versus Ray, Billy V Earl or whatever else. If you want to continue this kind of posting then set up a seperate thread Singlepower V RSA. At least the majority of comments in this thread would be on topic in that thread. Personally I cannot believe that you would carry this thing over from headfi and bring it here.
  15. I heard these at the meet. Very different to the Rs-1's and Ps-1's. I think for people who don't like the current Grado comfort and soundstage width then this might fit the role. But I would need more time with them before I got a set myself.
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