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  1. I’m seriously contemplating the LS50W. Is there a way to by-pass the built-in DAC with an external DAC?
  2. Apologies if this is off-topic: any Stax owners here from Boston or New England area? There is a local meet-up planned for Nov/11th in Cambridge, MA. I'd love to be able to hear a 007 or 009 :-)
  3. So 5000 pounds is about USD6500. About the same as the T8000.
  4. I'm paying close attention to the Soekris based R2R DACs. They just announced a bunch of them. See left side column.
  5. Did he mean a small DAC card to be inserted in slot 4? Aren't they also working on a separate DAC product.
  6. Just watched the Japanese interview video with close-ups. Can't help wondering what Line-4 will be used for. Any info or speculation?
  7. Hi folks, Newbie question (pls be gentle): was there supposed to be a new headphone/earspeaker that goes with this new amp?
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