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  1. Apple fucked up with the case but since it uses only magnets to put the headphones to sleep there’s a few nice cases around that does the job.
  2. I bought a case off Aliexpress with the same switch, with the exception of a translucent ring around the switch nub head. With the ring the clearance is better but the hole could've been half a millimetre smaller though.
  3. I'm planning to add a relay channel switch in my dynahi that runs on 12v. Will there be any drawbacks if i tap into one of the outputs with R1 = 110Ω, R2 = 75Ω for 12.162Ω?
  4. Does that mean you only require either u1/ic2, or they can both be fitted?
  5. "You're not supposed to service it yourself. Leave the servicing to experienced professional personnels from Hifiman."
  6. Sounds like planned obsolescence.
  7. Oh ok that's interesting. I've recently replaced the THAT in my DynaHi with a pair of 2SC3381-GR/2SA1349-GR and I noticed the gain dropped a lot. Does changing the pot value apply there too? (Sorry for being off topic)
  8. HD700 is extremely polarizing so make sure you try them out first. I know so many people who wouldn't even want them even for free.
  9. To those who missed the TKD group buy, I got a pot from here. https://www.ebay.com.my/itm/283057880224 A Vietnam builder referred them to me, said they are genuine, I've yet measured the channel matching. But from build quality and feel alone its really good.
  10. Thanks everyone. I've discussed this with some friends and we all agreed its very uncommon if they exist at all. My case already has IEC mounting hole but I'll be using external PSU. I'm planning to just cut a rectangle out of some plastic/acrylic/pcb, sand & spray, then mount from the inside.
  11. Does anyone know where can I get blanking plates for IEC inlet holes? I found blanking plates for XLR is pretty common but I can't find any info for IECs. Do they even exist? Attached is the blanking plate for XLR
  12. Regarding GRHV, is there a drop in replacement for C2M1000170D? They're on backorder on most major sellers. **Edit Never mind guys, found out they get out of stock every few months. SCT2H12NZGC11 is also on backorder now and still don't know if FQFP8N80C is a good replacement. I guess I'll just wait.
  13. I've compiled a BOM from Digikey for the supplied GRHV based on my silkscreen from the recent group buy board. I hope others can help check if I missed anything. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XMu81oWk6E3mXPW6ahhEuvmhg4U497F5I5W6JPQgnNo/edit?usp=sharing You might notice there's RES 90.9K and RES 1.10K, these are because I can't find 92K resistors sold without MOQ.
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