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  1. @JimLFor starters, thank you very much for sharing. Have since found your article as well, so i'd consider me in a good place to start. And given my non-existing skillset, this is where you may all laugh heartily Am a recent Stax convert in search of a amp. Have had a lot to weigh in and eventually had it down to one out of three; i) a used T1 with your mod, ii) a used 727 -unmodded for starters- (no offense to the usual two suspects), iii) a used 353X/XBK with only a heatsink replacement, largest i could fit. Given availability, pricing and most of all condition-to-price, i 'settled' on buying a used T1 but.. i'm no longer sure buying a battered 5-hands down piece of equipment that's seen, what? Thirty years of usage? for 600ish is wise. Given my limited budget that is (it's not only the initial cost, it's also the longevity i need take in consideration). Since the newer T1 version diagram is also available -is that even legal? Tell me not-, i've decided i will start from scratch; draw the PCB with your modifications incorprated, print it and slowly go from there. Which really adds to it all in some ways, doesn't it ^^ Opinions/ideas as to the.. soundness of my (final, revision 2.0) approach are more than welcome. * And speaking of ideas, ( @kevin gilmoresince i'm tagging you anyway, not sure if i've ever thanked you before, so, sincere thanks for making so much of your work available. Leaves options for folks like me that we wouldn't ever have had otherwise. Much obliged sir) Was wondering if the above's progressed any further? And if so, would you be willing to share?
  2. Ooh, i can relate to that.. most things, whole instruments included, i've had to buy blind, fingers crossed and all. Appreciate your responding by the way and agreed, sticking to what you know is a wise approach. If you enjoy it, it ends there :)
  3. History does tend to repeat itself, yeah ^^ And not alone either as it appears. https://www.techspot.com/news/82624-microsoft-successfully-archives-warner-bros-uperman-movie-piece.html Far as data retention went, we only had two issues with CD/DVDs.. moving parts, and material deterioration/fragility. If either approach listed here is what they say it is, welcome news to me. USB flash drives never managed to replace traditional external storage units, as past a controller, that's exactly what they are. And said same old storage solutions all come with issues; spinners are still susceptible to failures (at rates far higher than the average consumer would think) and are brittle/vibration sensitive; SSDs can't even go that far, as past a set amount of time without power they lose all their data (also unbeknownst to many), plus at 1 grand last time i looked for a measly 4TBs.. yeah. This is purported to be extremely hard to break (they threw it on the floor during the demonstration), unsusceptible to rays or magnetic fields, capable of significant storage capacity and most of all, in no need of any moving part. * personally, never really minded the copyright wars as i called them; 'cause i never really bit into the products behind them. You want to have many toys, you need also be prepared for additional headaches; was never a toy collector. I'd say that if anything, my tech/gadget/PC usage scenarios were far simpler in the nineties than they've become now. Plus, a closed storage format? Today? Not seeing it.
  4. Assuming you can be asked obviously; Which incarnation of it do you own and how would you describe its reproduction? Most of all, compared to which DAC(s)? Not gonna lie, it's hard to be unbiased when it relates to Schiit(tm). You can sing whatever tune you want when you need to sell for a living, granted, i play songs and pieces i'm ashamed to name for a living; but when you've decided your tune involves a tag of "musical/industry anarchist" when in practice you go and patent stuff (both real and imagined) left and right.. and when some of said stuff isn't even yours exactly, not really, but instead has been used for decades by multiple companies.. i don't know. Doesn't mean they're bad, hence my asking, but.. * They've been smart though, i give them that; very smart. The segmentation, the low cost tube rolling options (you too can roll!), the targetted audience, the post/millennial era "minimalistic on top of your desk show me an 8k pic! How pretty!" look (which is also cheap to make of course), the branding and means of no cost advertising (give a boatload of freebies over at head-fi). Very smart. From a business perspective, i salute them, fair is fair
  5. Googled 'Qobuz', live and learn Switch guitar, switch deities. Trying (and still failing) to sound like him. Say what you will about his prowess or skills, his tone is out of this world: Multiple albums really, i have them in a row and just play along.
  6. Had no idea about the drivers being angled.. much obliged @Scgorg :)
  7. I like things simple If time allows, JD + spices + poly bags + red meat. You marinate it right, all you need is a frying pan, can't mess it up. If time doesn't allow, spaghetti + tuna or freshly grinded tomatoes. Tons of Kerrygold or extra mature cheddar on top. The end. Have heard mention of vegetables / assorted ""healthier"" ingredients, but i'm a man of science. Barring hard scientific data (which -lacking the knowledge- i'm thankfully unable to collect myself), i refuse to give in to petty fallacies and as such ignore them. One must above all be reasonable.
  8. While saving for the 700MK2 (i wish i knew people that bother with all this, i'd opt for used Staxes but.. whom from? Dare not risk it), i'm trying to see what i can do with my current pair, given their age. I found a mention of SoCas, was wondering if anyone's bought anything from them? They have these custom plates for dirt cheap, am thinking if i could fit those in mine, i could then use newer design earpads from Stax. Only problem is i don't know how much it affects the sound? Anyone ever tried this? * /rhetorical, but Jeesus almighty, lol, who in the world wanted this.. i'd say go full sandwich next. Stax pad + round pad + second Stax pad for the ultimate sound eXXXperience.
  9. You're very kind, thank you both Really appreciate it. (and here's to hoping one day i'll get to email about a Carbon. There's this bank i've my eye on..)
  10. While nothing more tactful for a newbie to do than resurrect old threads, i'm afraid above link is dead; if anyone's capable of re-uploading, it'd be greatly appreciated. And sincere apologies. * Am looking for an amp and a Carbon's out of my reach for now, have thus been searching for used SRMs; currently leaning towards either a used T1 that will be modified as shown in a different thread here, or a used 727. (regarding the instructions/illustration, i lack the knowledge to grasp what needs be done, but have someone that does.. had i the image to show them. Unless of course the schematic from Arthrimus [page 3] is all i'd need forward?)
  11. It's only, what, 3 grand with taxes and customs? Bit more? Do it yourself just for the kicks, it's fun! (yes i know, not for me, granted. Still though, i could see me sweating profusely while trying to do that)
  12. The man who taught me guitar; well, in spirit as it were; And the man who reminded me that heritage isn't necessarily a bad thing. The more North you go, the more must you smile and use body language ^^
  13. Thank you very much, both of you; G.A.S. huh? I liked that one. I've gas with my 200K Scoville rated Tabasco, but minus a trip or two to the throne room, it doesn't cost me anything.. Left it vague on purpose, but i asked because they need a new headband and earpads. On top of them two that i cannot avoid ordering (and honestly, it's fine), the cable has seen better days; still fine, but you can tell even with a passing glance that, yeah.. This latter i cannot do anything about, though am sure others would. As i'm also not exactly well off, i have to consider longevity as well. I've got no idea how long this pair will last me. I asked so i could 'weigh' what would be best for me, give 300 now just for the parts, probably more given the new EU customs regs, or keep that on top of what else i have, wait a bit more and buy the SR-L700MK2s (i will admit i cannot afford better, that would be my ceiling). On top of this all, and it's my only complaint thus far, i do need to say that i've had 500ish€ headphones that felt better, having them on. These ones are.. loose; can't make them sit tight on me -you dirty bastards, focus please- no matter what i do; i saw they've since "improved" their headbands, only they aren't compatible with mine; so that too is a factor. Decisions decisions. Anyway, my thanks once again :) * I wanted to get this "part" out of the way, so i can have some guarantee i'll always have something to listen with; if the phones die on me, i will cry if i need go back to the crap i was using. Because after having sorted all this it's easy, i know my way i think; need me a KGSSHV Carbon. That i also cannot afford.... Yet.
  14. Greetings from a new member Bit of a story as to how i found you, or why i wanted to ask here specifically, but i won't bore you with my oddities (of which i have many)! Suffice it to say for now that i wanted to ask here and -as it's of import-, that from your collective perhaps perspective i am new to all this; think terminology, technical apsects, esoterics and so on. Not new to listening though! Now was recently handed a pair of SRΛ Pro Classics, which blew me away.. just, no words.. i have since been rediscovering my favourite and not so favourite as it turns out tracks. What i wanted to ask you folks, should you be so inclined, is to help me understand where i 'stand' in terms of recent Stax products. Put differently, should i be considering an upgrade (note the hypothesis here, purely theoretical mind you! I could not care less, really), which of the current Stax models -think from there and upwards- would i be aiming at? Been a few decades since these particular Λάμδας, might be i don't need four grand for an upgrade; such is the hope anyway. Any further clarification, what and why, would of course be mostly welcome. Much obliged for your time. Hope it's not an issue, first post here coming in with a question.
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