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  1. In terms of Lelit, I've been eyeing the Lelit Glenda PID. Maybe that's an option for you HS? It does look less bulky than the Bianca.
  2. Yeah, Mad Priest sells theirs at 55/4 oz; the coffee lot cost 46.5/lb. I'm not very familiar with roasting costs, but considering every business under the sun needs to markup to stay in business I can't imagine 50-55/4 oz is netting them that much. Jacob, message me if you want to share some later.
  3. Absolutely, I definitely want to give beans to some other of the coffee people here!
  4. I have a hard time believing that Grado doesn't have a marketing rep who's going, "ok, how do we appeal to younger generations? Weed?" "You saved our company!" "Pokemon?" "___ you absolute genius!"
  5. Come to think of it, I've only had a few so I probably shouldn't draw comparisons about the categories. I'll see whether Yemenia is in the cards this year or not -- unclear whether Mad Priest will sell it again, and there are some other comebacks (Saint Frank Bolivian Gesha and Nepali coffees) that, while cheaper, I really do hope for.
  6. Oh, if you've had Yemeni, then Yemenia isn't all that different (since the Yemenia cultivar did come from a study of various Yemeni ones). Of course, the processing for, say, Qima Alchemy is quite different and you'll get differences there for certain.
  7. This one was from the Qima Alchemy lot, and was strawberry forward/rich and bodied in a way I would not expect of a Gesha. But it wasn't a dark roast either. It also had those more floral notes too, just not in the sort of "perfume-y" way I'd describe good Gesha.
  8. Yemenia!! I had some from Mad Priest last year. Truly stands toe-to-toe with Gesha IMO.
  9. I've consigned and sold with them before but not bought. They do offer great customer support in my experience!
  10. No, that's for the sequel to this model, the X9001!
  11. "Suggested MSRP of 693000 yen" (~6750 depending on exchange rate) from the website. It's past 6 kilobucks. Whelp. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://stax.co.jp/news/x9000/
  12. I'd heard about this from a friend. Pretty hefty increases in bacon prices... and here I wanted to experiment a bit with bacon preparation methods 😭
  13. I think I saw a review of this! Apparently it'll work well if you're using a grinder that produces many fines, and the costs work out in a way such that your initial investment plus this sieve (~50 USD) is less than, say, a Baratza Encore.
  14. Thanks! Very good to know it doesn't fall short of expectations -- indeed, that's quite high praise for decaf. Anything more would enter into "ehhh is this really true?" territory. To be fair to the Saint Frank decaf (also Colombian) I think it was past its prime when I started having extreme dial-in issues, and that certainly does it...
  15. Have you pulled shots with the Levercraft decaf? I'm thinking of buying some!
  16. Very good point! I certainly do think espresso is interesting in that regard -- even if it's more or less dialed in it's going to change with the day, and that can be quite interesting.
  17. If there were a purgatory for coffee lovers, I'm certain it'd be this: an unlimited supply of coffee, but it's that one type you really have trouble dialing in. You could probably eventually do it, hence purgatory.
  18. Ah yeah same, still have like a good 50 Hario papers but I bought CAFEC anyway. Viva unneeded things! I'll have to try that Levercraft decaf. I currently have a Saint Frank decaf (also sugar process) that I can't dial in. I'm pretty sure I'll go through the remainder before I dial it in, and that's never a good feeling...
  19. Speaking of filters, for V60 I love CAFEC roast-specific filters. I have some for light roast and while the reduced flow rate can be a bit troublesome, their ability to keep out finer particles is really great. I may hop on the decaf Japanese-iced bandwagon. Haven't had a decaf pour-over in a loooong time and it's not like it's trouble to make one.
  20. I had a fairly good experience with Vesper, they obliged my request to replicate my Mk1 pads' dimensions fairly closely. Whether those two pads sound the same or not is something I'm going to properly test once I get a pair of in-ear mics... in terms of comfort they beat my Mk1 pads by actually sealing on my head though! I think my head is not the right size for my Mk1 😅
  21. Yeah, some sludge is virtually unavoidable on a french press. If you're interested in something in-between that and a paper filter (where the oils and resulting body do get reduced) I've heard good things about cloth filters. I found out about this through James Hoffman's channel; here's a link -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr_I3ZVKKb4 OTOH you could consider experimenting with sifters, but cloth filters will be more worth it IMO.
  22. I own an Orphan Espresso Lido E; the Apex promises to grind faster due to its gear box, so it may circumvent the central issue of using a manual grinder (namely that day to day can be a bit of a hassle). Orphan seems pretty solid in terms of grind quality, I just think it'll be good to know what you're signing up for in terms of manual vs. electric.
  23. Hi, if you currently own a Sigma, would you mind describing the niche it fills in your collection? I have an SR-007 Mk 1 and feel like if I ever sell that a Sigma would be a good "warm and relaxed but still e-stat" earspeaker...
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