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  1. I had a fairly good experience with Vesper, they obliged my request to replicate my Mk1 pads' dimensions fairly closely. Whether those two pads sound the same or not is something I'm going to properly test once I get a pair of in-ear mics... in terms of comfort they beat my Mk1 pads by actually sealing on my head though! I think my head is not the right size for my Mk1 😅
  2. Yeah, some sludge is virtually unavoidable on a french press. If you're interested in something in-between that and a paper filter (where the oils and resulting body do get reduced) I've heard good things about cloth filters. I found out about this through James Hoffman's channel; here's a link -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr_I3ZVKKb4 OTOH you could consider experimenting with sifters, but cloth filters will be more worth it IMO.
  3. I own an Orphan Espresso Lido E; the Apex promises to grind faster due to its gear box, so it may circumvent the central issue of using a manual grinder (namely that day to day can be a bit of a hassle). Orphan seems pretty solid in terms of grind quality, I just think it'll be good to know what you're signing up for in terms of manual vs. electric.
  4. Hi, if you currently own a Sigma, would you mind describing the niche it fills in your collection? I have an SR-007 Mk 1 and feel like if I ever sell that a Sigma would be a good "warm and relaxed but still e-stat" earspeaker...
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