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  1. I did see Quan's comment on Lance Hedrick's video. Blooming espresso/extra long preinfusion are both possibilities with it. And yes, the TCV is removable. I have it stored somewhere but haven't used it since getting a Lido E (then later a Sette 270).
  2. I know of it, but I haven't watched it. For some reason I need to be in a particular state of mind to watch coffee YouTube.
  3. Huh, I looked up the Smart Espresso Profiler. They seem to require an Acaia. It brings a lever machine closer to a DE1+, which is quite nuts. Though, the Uniterra Nomad probably still takes the cake for "wait, this costs 235 dollars?" I made a blooming espresso a few days ago with it and was very pleased. Could've dialed that in but even without that it was pretty interesting.
  4. In terms of Lelit, I've been eyeing the Lelit Glenda PID. Maybe that's an option for you HS? It does look less bulky than the Bianca.
  5. Yeah, Mad Priest sells theirs at 55/4 oz; the coffee lot cost 46.5/lb. I'm not very familiar with roasting costs, but considering every business under the sun needs to markup to stay in business I can't imagine 50-55/4 oz is netting them that much. Jacob, message me if you want to share some later.
  6. Absolutely, I definitely want to give beans to some other of the coffee people here!
  7. I have a hard time believing that Grado doesn't have a marketing rep who's going, "ok, how do we appeal to younger generations? Weed?" "You saved our company!" "Pokemon?" "___ you absolute genius!"
  8. Come to think of it, I've only had a few so I probably shouldn't draw comparisons about the categories. I'll see whether Yemenia is in the cards this year or not -- unclear whether Mad Priest will sell it again, and there are some other comebacks (Saint Frank Bolivian Gesha and Nepali coffees) that, while cheaper, I really do hope for.
  9. Oh, if you've had Yemeni, then Yemenia isn't all that different (since the Yemenia cultivar did come from a study of various Yemeni ones). Of course, the processing for, say, Qima Alchemy is quite different and you'll get differences there for certain.
  10. This one was from the Qima Alchemy lot, and was strawberry forward/rich and bodied in a way I would not expect of a Gesha. But it wasn't a dark roast either. It also had those more floral notes too, just not in the sort of "perfume-y" way I'd describe good Gesha.
  11. Yemenia!! I had some from Mad Priest last year. Truly stands toe-to-toe with Gesha IMO.
  12. I've consigned and sold with them before but not bought. They do offer great customer support in my experience!
  13. No, that's for the sequel to this model, the X9001!
  14. "Suggested MSRP of 693000 yen" (~6750 depending on exchange rate) from the website. It's past 6 kilobucks. Whelp. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://stax.co.jp/news/x9000/
  15. I'd heard about this from a friend. Pretty hefty increases in bacon prices... and here I wanted to experiment a bit with bacon preparation methods 😭
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