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  1. that's really a very nice setup. I love my OmegaII srm-007 alot
  2. thanks a lot everyone. I am appreciated for all of your comment
  3. then how about the HEV90? how much do you think it will cost?
  4. Can anyone tell me the current price of the king combo HE90/HEV90? I am just curious about its price. And I know it should be over 10K
  5. I don't hear both of them but from what i read the ath-esw9 is a better choice
  6. from what i know, owners usually recable them with apuresound V3 to improve its sound. I bet you won't be disappointed anymore By the way, do markl mod for d5000 and you will say WOW for sure
  7. buy the denon d5000 and do mark full mod. You will move the level of sony R10. enjoy
  8. after owning the edition 9 for 3 weeks. All i can say is that WOW , the more i listen to it the more i love it(surround sound, detail, nice controlling bass, nice soundstage). By the way, i match my edition 9 with my rudistor rpx-33 or rsa raptor.
  9. waddragon

    Markl Mods

    one vote for Markl mod d5000. I have had the phone for 3 weeks now. It is really amazing phone
  10. dam all what i can say is that Alex has done a nice job. One vote for alex, his company is my first choice.
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