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  1. Anyone in the market for a good value grinder should check the Baratza refurb store. The Maestro goes for $70 (reg. $110), and the Virtuoso goes for $143 (reg. $200). Stock varies from week to week, so you might have to wait to get what you want.
  2. Probably not the best choice of words. It's not a huge amount of effort, but it's enough to be annoying. $350 worth of annoyance? That's up to you I'm considering getting one of the Kyoceras to use with a cheap machine at work. I'm biased against cranks, anyway. This is me at work every couple months (minus breeches and hat):
  3. Let me revise my earlier statement about the cheapest setup for making real espresso: I should have mentioned the Saeco Aroma (also known as Starbucks Barista, but not sold by Strarbucks anymore). This is really, really absolutely the cheapest machine you should buy if you want to make espresso. It is a proper pump/boiler machine. A thermoblock "15 bar" steam toy will never product anything other than strong (and bitter) coffee. The Aroma is perfectly capable of making "espresso". However, if you want to make good espresso with it, ditch the pressurized portafilter for a $40 regular
  4. The quality grinder advice is absolutely correct. There's no point buying any espresso machine if you're not willing to spend some decent money on a nice grinder with fine stepless adjustment. In general, you should be spending at least as much, if not more on the grinder, because it's much more important for good espresso than the espresso machine itself. However, I don't think the Rocky has been the baseline grinder for at least several years. First it was the Mazzer Mini, then Macap M4, and now the Baratza Vario is the new game in town. I see absolutely no reason to buy a Rocky when
  5. I shoot Canon, but three of my four flashes are SB-24s, because they're cheap and work well with RF wireless. It seems kind of wrong in a way... Also: I have a fucking watch problem It's Woven's fault.
  6. Picked this up on a bit of a whim: Victorinox Alpnach Automatic Chrono. It was either this or new Westones, and the damn watch won.
  7. Bob_McBob


    "After you, Dr. House..."
  8. Technivorm brewer to complete the work setup
  9. A Baratza Maestro to use at work so I don't have to drink shitty coffee anymore.
  10. Perhaps after the garbage strike, though
  11. Seriously though, how is peeing in the sink more convenient than peeing in the toilet?
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