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  1. I have a spare cable for the Omega 2, which had broken close to an end to the phone, and I would like to make an extension cable with it. I also have a spare Pro bias female connector, which I had taken out of my SRM-727A when adding a normal bias out on it. I was wondering, how difficult would it be to use such connector on the spare cable, to make the extension cable I need? Should I use any particular care (with solder, for example) on it? Will it supposedly sound as good as the Stax 'official' one? Thank you!
  2. Hey Purk, I have read a few reports at the other site (the huge thread). Too many posts to find them back, anyway, just to give you an indication, I was reading posts from Magick Man, and some other users were replying in the same pages as him. He made me intrigued in them, because on top of having several great headphones, the insight he had already given to me (I was asking him about the 4070 with GES, as well as ESP950 and Grado HP2) was very good. Antonio, since I'd like to see what you are seeing (maybe I should start comparing more impuse response and square wave graphs), what are you deducing from them? Thanks. On a 'funny' note, this headphone has a similar response to what the Westone 3 looked, a few years ago, soon after it had come out and when the first Japanese graphs were coming out. This seems to be a bit better in the midrange though!
  3. Antonio, in my opinion the graph isn't bad at all. There is a bit too much midbass, but otherwise the midrange to treble balance seems about right, in my opinion. I have read somewhere that they can be obtained for as low as 1400$, which is still very expensive, but they could well deserve it (especially considering prices of high end orthos, dynamics and stats lately).
  4. I have found a few websites which have em available which I am going to send you by pm. Cheers
  5. Hey Birgir, have you already modded the 727? I am waiting for impressions
  6. Wow, nice little amp: perhaps the upgrade to the SRM252? Or just the same, just "rebranded"?
  7. Hmm, as I said, bright was a wrong term. Don't you find it a bit bass light? Maybe it depends on my own earphones, while with bassier ones the bass would just sound more "delicate".
  8. When I had the CD3000, my iAudio 7 substantially lessened its highs, but that was an amplification mismatch thing.
  9. I think I have used the wrong word: it's more of "anemic", or thin. The bass is lacking so much that everything else is more prominent, impressing the listener more, giving a sense of overall "brightness", although not meaning that it's really more sibilant than other players.
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