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  1. Happy Birthday Nate!

    Happy Birthday Nate!
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    Happy Birthday Colin!
  3. Happy Birthday Matt!

    Thanks guys!
  4. Happy Birthday Colin!

    Happy Birthday Colin!!
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    Thanks guys
  6. Happy birthday, Al!!!

    Happy Birthday Al!!! Hope you have a great one
  7. I just updated as well with no issues. Great point GE definitely liking the task bar on every screen as I was using UltraMon on Windows 7 prior to this.
  8. Happy birthday Todd (tkam)!

    Happy belated Birthday! Hope you had a great one Todd
  9. Happy Birthday Grand Enigma!

    Happy Birthday GE! Hope you had a great one
  10. Happy Birthday to The DOTU aka Voltron aka Al!

    Happy Birthday Al! Hope you had a great one!