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  1. I came here today to start this thread three times but stupid work.


    I hope that today is a great one and that you find an appropriately awesome way to celebrate another trip around the sun.

    I will drink to your good health later tonight. 

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  2. 11 minutes ago, MexicanDragon said:

    Happy belated Thursday, etc., Nate!

    You are in a strange timezone my friend.

    And thanks all for the well wishes.  It was a nice low-key evening with the family after a long week at work.  No big presents, but that's the complication of getting old and having hobbies that do not lend themselves to others shopping for you.  

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  3. I’d trust Kerry to build a T2, sure. 

    And I haven’t seen Justin post a price, just speculation from folks like you, but I suspect that whatever it will be priced at will be a fair approximation of how much it costs to build, how many he might be able to sell, and how much it costs to bring something like this to market.  There will always be lower-cost options to boutique items like this and folks like yourself are free to make choices and build other things if they’re able.  

    But I trust Justin more than anything to have managed the power supply requirements to the point that if he found a way to put it in one chassis I’m not worried about it being there.  I’m not sure I’ve met someone more obsessed with noise floor and the ability to actually measure what he’s building. 

    Lastly, putting quotes around high-end in your post bugs me more than anything else. 

  4. Starting yesterday, drove about 120mil north to visit Al and Steve since I’d managed to make it all the way to the left coast and seemed a shame to not close the gap all the way.  Had excellent drinks and dinner with the two of them and Claire last night, followed by breakfast this morning after viewing some (smallish) redwoods.


    Then decided that I should probably take the long way “home” back to Monterey so took Rt1/PCH stopping for a walk and a few photos on the way.







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  5. 8 hours ago, VPI said:

    Thanks. I would have preferred to do something bigger but most everything left out in my shop develops rust so I just put the cheap stuff out. 

    Are you running a dehumidifier, Jeff?  If not, might be worth trying to see if it helps even if it is unlikely to cure the issue.  I know my shop, without the DH running, goes through huge swings of humidity.   Given the heat/coldsink that most tools represent they attract condensation like crazy which is likely the cause of some of your rust problems. 

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