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  1. I'll throw this out and say neither, without first knowing your budget to be able to say whether or not there may be significantly better options for the same dollars. I see almost no value in purchasing a PC locally, haven't done so for over a decade, and given the use case it sure looks like you are way over-buying and if you do decide to go off leash, both will likely have suboptimal battery life because they appear to be gaming focused.  

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  2. My friends and I did our century yesterday on Cape Cod.  The weather was mostly great, 70d and sunny but the wind was strong out of the east and instead of helping as we'd hoped it would on the way back kicked our ass for a solid 10 miles.  Still, much fun was had and the two guys who were only planning to do 60 stuck with us for the whole ride.  We went a little slower as a result but it was well worth it to have all 6 of us hit the mark.





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