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  1. Asked and answered, thread locked.
  2. I know, originality score of zero but winter appears to be departing rather quickly so I got out this morning while it was snowing a bit. It sadly turned to rain before I was done and has been doing that steadily for the last two hours. Still, much fun was had.
  3. Happy birthday, Naaman, here's to hoping the ping pong balls don't start chasing you.
  4. What, exactly, was this in response to?
  5. Yeah, this. Not that it's unexpected given the amps that you used to build back in the day.
  6. More mid-fat snow testing in preparation for a longer ride tomorrow morning.
  7. I'm not sure he was so terrible that I will celebrate his death, but correspondingly he was definitely terrible enough that I won't celebrate his life.
  8. ^^^ Wait, so you drop $1100 tomorrow and you might receive some headphones in November that no one has ever heard before and might come from a company that no longer exists? Where do I sign up? I guess I missed when DROP became kickstarter but I admittedly have stayed out of all of this.
  9. To the guy that always seems to be saying happy birthday to someone else, happiest of birthdays, Mr. Tice. Here's to hoping you're feeling better and get to enjoy the day.
  10. I'd want to be in a position where I was holding the router, not the workpiece. You need down pressure to ensure you're getting the right depth of cut and that puts your hands in a bad position if something goes wrong with the router table. Basically I try to never be pushing my hands toward the cutting thingy and maybe one of the work holding doohickys that Doug linked to fixes that but that's my 2¢.
  11. While everyone here might have owned one at some point the simple fact is that they failed to become a mass-market supplier and I'd guess that the Beats/Apple consortium has a huge market share compared to anyone else. Christ, I own a pair of Beats and while audiophilically (new word, yay) flawed, they do the job they were intended to do better than anything else I tried. I found myself wishing this weekend that they made an active noise cancelling version of mine (the Powerbeats Pro) as they would be a home run for those of us that cannot wear the airpods. But yes, I agree, this is suck
  12. My 2¢, the fence is likely to cause accuracy and repeatability issues but I, like Naaman, welcome its use as a dust collection element so I usually leave it backed off just a touch to make sure that I'm getting solid contact with the bearing on the bit. I've definitely had to run pieces through multiple times when dust built up along the fence or a little chip of wood got in the way.
  13. Got back out for a longer ride today, on packed snow it's a total blast. On loose stuff, not so much (as expected). Really looking forward to riding these trails in the spring on this thing.
  14. Initial testing this morning went very well. Conditions aren't ideal but were good enough for some fun.
  15. Are they going to be honest and just call in the Tracker?
  16. I'll swap the wheels this weekend for the ones with the studded tires already mounted on them, but the COVID hardtail project is complete(ish). I probably need new brake pads but I'll deal with honky brakes for a little while.
  17. Another 3-6" of snow headed my way early next week. Storms of that size can roll in all they want since they're manageable, just spare me the foot+ nonsense and I'll keep quiet.
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