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  1. I'm with Doug, there's no good or easy way to do this with CNC and it's definitely not required.  

    I drew this up in CAD real quick just to rough out some of the missing dimensions (thickness, heal and toe angles) and I think you could make this out of a single piece of rough sawn lumber.  I'll defer final species recommendations to others but finding 6" wide 5/4 oak might not be a bad place to start and not horribly expensive.  To me the hardest part is figuring out how to do the bevel on the heal - best thought there is with a router after using a dado blade to hog out the underside.  But with a finished thickness of ~6mm (1/4") it's going to want to flex/deflect.  I'd have to play around with it in real life to figure out any better solution.  

    About the CNC solution - the real challenge is the two-sided nature and true 3D requirement.  A lot of machines and affordable software are really good at 2.5D (translation in purely the vertical when cutting in the Z direction) but struggle when it comes to shapes like what you have described in your image.  

    Also, some quick Googling yielded results very near what you are asking for - No Endorsement Implied - a more focused search would likely yield better results.

    Me - I'm working on fixing my Jonokuchi which had developed a problem with one channel.  I opened the chassis hoping to easily spot the problem and did.  Two caps in serious distress (one blown) and two resistors torched and failed open.  Replacement parts ordered last night due to be delivered tomorrow which will likely get deferred to Friday but hopefully repairs can be accomplished this weekend. I've spoken with Pete and we don't think there's likely anything else at play other than one of the resistors drifting driving current and voltage up in an escalating fashion that resulted in the cap expelling its magic fluid filling.




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  2. Thickness?

    I'm also trying to figure out if there is perspective in that drawing above or whether or not I'm looking at a flat plane (hence the graph paper background).  Is that a section cut through the threshold? The view from the top? Side?  Basically, I need more info.

  3. Post some dimensions, I doubt it'd fit on my CNC (roughly 40" x 40" cutting area) but not really sure CNC is the right tool for the job regardless. Thresholds are usually quite simple and I'd think you'd just want to do the corner like a picture frame since there's almost no chance that there's a big enough piece of hard wood to mill that 'J' shape out of. 

    EDIT - and to answer one of your original questions, yes, it's a pretty big ask for a commercial wood shop to take on a small job like this. It's all risk, very little reward. You probably won't be happy about the price, strike one, if something goes wrong they're out all the setup time for a one-off, strike two, they're probably busy and have no idea how serious you are about actually doing this, strike three.  You'd be better off finding your local makerspace and seeing if there's someone there that takes small jobs for fun.

  4. 5 hours ago, MASantos said:

    Refurbishing my old Pete Millett hibrid. The electrolitcs are over 15 years old, Should I replace them all or might they still be good? 

    Building a new wood and aluminum case. 

    I'd wager they are all still just fine. I'd use it in good health.

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  5. It's that time again...


    Separated the point from the flat so that I could do burnt ends tomorrow night from the point. Flat will be split across both nights since untrimmed this was a 14lb monster (not converting to kilos). I'd bet that I trimmed a good 4-5lbs of fat off of it.

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  6. 2 hours ago, VPI said:

    Not setting up a furniture shop, just building a couple of boxes.

    I think stopping with the track saw is an advisable plan. I can't (off the top of my head) think of a good reason to buy a table/cabinet saw if you're just wanting to bang out a few small projects.  I mean d-_-b and all that but really, that's a huge amount of $ to spend on something that as you correctly assessed, will likely get in the way of life for 99% of the time. 

  7. Debated on where to put this seeing as it is not scratch made dough, but figured it was bread based so this is where it landed.  I had a leftover loaf of white bread and wanted French toast but did not want to deal with the hassle of making it piece by piece.  The solution (which arguably was more work, but whatever...) was to make a casserole.


    It's a pretty standard recipe - eggs, milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla poured over cubed bread.  The topping is just flour, more brown sugar, more cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg, and cut with cold butter.  Bake for an hour and voilà, breakfast.

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  8. Seems wise to wait. 

    Me: Had epic fun mountain biking with some friends yesterday afternoon after bailing on work (was supposed to be off all day but...) with near perfect fall riding conditions - sunshine, 50F, light winds. We got out for a solid two hours of punishment in the local boulder field that has some pretty amazing features, most of which I actually rode.  


    Today: will largely be spent watching it rain/snow. It's been raining hard for the last two hours already and is just getting started (allegedly).  The weather people have played their 2020 cards and are claiming we could get between 2 and 12" of snow as it changes over this afternoon. Given that we're still in near-drought conditions it's good to see precipitation of any kind but sucks to go from dried up death to flash flood warnings.  Buckle up buttercup, the year from hell isn't over yet...

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  9. 8 hours ago, VPI said:

    Three upcoming projects:

    1. 21”x16”x12” Box with lights and hinged glass inset front.  Microphone mounts on the bottom board to hold three mics. Can do pocket hole connections I guess.

    I meant to say something earlier, but if you let me know what size piece of glass I can see if it'd fit in the laser and we could have a go at etching your logo into it for enhanced fancy.

  10. 6 hours ago, VPI said:

    Pretty sure I am going to need some more tools to complete.  Which do I need more, Domino joiner or router?  Can’t think of anything to routerize except maybe power cord run for the light.

    I'd say router, so that you can put a finished edge on any of the exposed pieces of wood.  Which really means that you need both a router and a bunch of router bits.  


    Also, for the box and shoe stand, hardwood or plywood?

    I'm with Naaman, baltic-birch.  

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  11. 57 minutes ago, Aura said:

    ^in my case i realized i hadn't touched the brandy or rum leftover from last year's batch. i need to make more of a dent. should really just do the 14-egg recipe exactly as Matt documented but it is an insane amount of NOG for two people.

    Agreed, even the half batch that I did last year was on the side of too much.  

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